Reward system

Would you like to help our library and get a nice bonus?

Yes, it is possible now to increase your download limit simply by uploading books or editing book information. Few top users who have been the most active during a week and month will be identified on the Top Uploaders and Top Editors pages.

Top users of the week

There can be only the most active user per week in each category (Top Uploaders and Top Editors)

For the 1st place - you can get unlimited downloads for 7 days.

* If the same user becomes Top the next week again his results will be included in the overall rating for the month, but the first place is automatically assigned to the next user according to the points.

Top users of the month

The most active uploaders and editors of the month have a chance to increase their download limit for 31 days and more.

3rd place - will get 100 daily downloads for 31 days

2nd place - will get 200 daily downloads for 31 days

1st place - will receive unlimited downloads for 31 days and a book in paper or electronic version at our expense.

* If you choose the paper version, the book must be available in popular online stores and will be sent to your address via DHL. If it is an electronic version, we will send it by email.

Are you in? Good luck!

* Memo for uploaders: Do not upload comics, magazines, articles, lectures, school/student materials, etc. Also avoid uploading bad scans, incomplete e-books or draft e-books that are only half done.