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The Love Diet: Expert Techniques for Sensual Pleasure and Mind-Blowing Sex

El nuevo libro por la autora de El Amante Perfecto La Dieta del Amor no es una dieta para bajar de peso o para lucir m?s joven y esbelta. Es una dieta ?nica, dise?ada con el solo prop?sito de alimentar tanto el cuerpo como el alma, y ense?arte a llevar una vida llena de amor, seducci?n y placer sexual. La Dieta del Amor contiene una serie de irresistibles y estimulantes "recetas de amor" que te ayudar?n a construir una conexi?n m?s fuerte entre t? y tu pareja. En estas p?ginas, encontrar?s consejos que te ense?ar?n a explorar y descubrir tus necesidades f?sicas, tus sue?os y tus m?s profundos deseos sexuales. Con creativas y divertidas visualizaciones, inspiradoras meditaciones diarias y una gu?a paso a paso del Kamasutra, Mabel Iam te ayudar? a conectarte con tu amante a trav?s de un poco de creatividad, magia y mucho amor sensual.
Year: 2006
Publisher: Rayo
Language: english
Pages: 304 / 306
ISBN 10: 0060829990
ISBN 13: 9780060829995
File: PDF, 1.86 MB

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The Love


I celebrate this book with
The love of my life, my husband, Greg.
My husband, who is even more than a soul mate.
Greg is the most beautiful part of myself.
With him, every day I practice and take in all the love,
wisdom and power that life bestows on us.
Without Greg, nothing I’ve written here would have
it would all be just some abstract theories, like so many other
Together, every day, Greg and I cook up the Love Diet’s
delicious dishes.
Only when I see my reflection in his sweet, beautiful, deep
blue eyes,
in that moment, do I know I’m truly alive.
Thank you, Greg, for showing me how to love.


♥ x

Step One: Discovering Love’s Ingredients


The Art of Seduction—Looks, Smiles, and
Other Seduction Techniques ♥ 3
How to Be the Perfect Latin Lover

♥ 31

Touch, Hug, and Kiss—Diets for Irresistible
Pleasure ♥ 40


The Erotic Intelligence Diet—Stimulating All the
Senses to the Max ♥ 69


The Color Diet—Colors That Lead the Way
to Love ♥ 102


The Flowers of Love

♥ 110

Step Two: Maintaining the Love Diet


The Diet of Creative Spaces—Opening Your
Bedroom to the Secrets of Sensual Pleasure

♥ 127




The Quickie Sex Diet


Unleashing Your Sexual Passion

♥ 145

The Diet to Jumpstart Desire—Recipes to Reignite
the Flames of Passion ♥ 149
The Gift Diet

♥ 153

♥ 161

Secret Confessions of the Erogenous Zones
The How-to-Talk-Sexy Diet
The Striptease Diet

♥ 166

♥ 170

♥ 177

The Daily Kamasutra Diet

♥ 185

Step Three: Special Cases


Recipes to Banish Toxic Emotions—Jealousy, Guilt,
Anxiety ♥ 207


When a Relationship Ends—Recipes to Survive and
Thrive after a Breakup ♥ 219


Foolproof Techniques for Stressed-Out Couples

Step Four: The Power of Self-Esteem


The Diet for Physical, Mental, and Emotional
Relaxation ♥ 243
Loving Oneself—The Perfect Way to Love
You Are Unique: That’s Why the Universe
Loves You ♥ 260
The Love Diet Contract with Myself
A Confession from the Author

♥ 265


♥ 283

♥ 263

♥ 260

♥ 254

♥ 233



About the Author
Other Books by Mabel Iam
About the Publisher

I gratefully dedicate
this book to . . .
My soul’s teacher Meishu Sama, who inspires me with the light he
shines from the spirit world.
To my ancestors, my parents and my grandparents, who
showed me what true love really is, in all its manifestations.
To my brother Rafael.
To my nephew Ezekiel, my sweet, wise, beloved friend and
godchild. To my niece Manuela, whose beauty, thoughtfulness,
and intelligence fills me with pride. And to my niece Caterina, who
is like a bright shining sun that banishes my doubts and sadness.
To Greg Junior, the son I never had.
To my friend Johanna Castillo, who accompanied me on the
journey of writing this book.
She supported me and helped make this project possible with
her cheerful, unwavering enthusiasm.
To Andrea Montejo, the sweet editor of The Love Diet, especially because I value and thank her for her warmth and humbleness, and to Jennifer Caxea.
I bless all human beings who choose to open their heart and
nourish themselves with The Love Diet.

The Love Diet is the perfect plan to nourish your body, mind,
heart, and soul. It has all the key ingredients of a healthy,
well-balanced diet, with all the essential vitamins, minerals,
proteins, and sugars that can be found in natural abundance
in love’s delicious fruit.

A diet is a detailed daily eating plan or menu, made up of foods
that contain all the necessary nutrients that will give our bodies
the energy they need, sustaining us so that we can live in perfect harmony with one another and the Universe. If we stop to
think about it, we may ask ourselves what the most important
nutrient—the absolutely essential element—in any diet is. It’s actually much more than just a simple nutrient because it feeds our
very soul.
Every single person on the planet—regardless of their race,
creed, age, sex, religion, or culture—when asked what the most



important and essential nutrient is would all answer that without
doubt, it is LOVE.
Just as food nourishes us every day of our lives, so does love.
From before we are born up until our last breath, the food we eat
every day is an essential factor in our survival, just as is the love we
receive—since they both nourish our soul.
Still, one can say that love is even better than food, as it isn’t fattening, it isn’t toxic, it can be consumed at any time, in any quantity,
and it won’t give you indigestion or cause you allergic reactions. Love
transcends death, it has the power to take us on a journey beyond our
physical plane. It is, essentially, perfect.
At some point in our lives, we all confuse, waste, destroy, or
abuse what we call “love.” We don’t realize that the mind plays tricks
on us and ultimately works against us. It’s our mind that makes us
eat more, that decides what is healthy and what isn’t, and when we’ve
had enough of something or not. In love, our minds often lead us to
judge the relationship we’re in, never allowing us to feel satisfied with
the attention we receive from the person we are in love with. We must
learn to release the grip our mind has over our heart, to live freely
with the love we feel.
The Love Diet has been designed to overcome the obstacles our
minds put up, letting love be the delicious dish it was meant to be,
and allowing sex to flourish naturally. We can teach ourselves to listen closely to the one we love and to be attentive to our loved one’s
needs, as well as our own. Through expert sexual techniques and
creative visualization exercises that will help us further understand
ourselves, The Love Diet will help us establish a deeper connection
with the one we love.



The entire universe has been created, designed, and planned by one principle:

The Love Diet is different from any other diet you’ve ever known.
With the Love Diet, you don’t have to lose weight, count calories, or
make sacrifices of any kind. This diet was designed to be enjoyed and
savored, and its recipes have been formulated for use by anybody who
wants to love or be loved. On this diet, you won’t drop dress sizes or
increase your metabolism. Instead, you’ll increase your personal
charm and magnetism, you’ll learn to look your best, and you’ll discover the sensuality within you. Not only will you feel more confident and healthier, but you will improve your relationship in terms of
love as well as sex.
As with many other diets or exercise plans, we must make a fresh
commitment to the Love Diet every single day, to get our minds,
bodies, and souls in shape—and to keep them in shape. Just as with
our physical bodies, when it comes to our intimate relationships, we
have to exercise every day to stay fit in the art of seduction and sensual pleasure.
The Love Diet has been drawn from previous writings on different topics that have been published in various magazines, newspapers, and books, and presented at conferences and courses, on television programs, and on the radio. In every section of the book, you
will find helpful information, techniques, exercises, recipes, meditations, thoughts, and feelings based on research and years of personal
and professional experience. This book is also based on the questions
that my readers send to my website, helping me to explore the great
mystery of love in all its dimensions and manifestations.
The Love Diet holds the secrets that will let you connect with
your partner, discovering and exploring your deepest desires and
helping you both learn about your respective sexual needs. There are



many lessons here on how to use love, affection, consideration, and
humor to lift your relationship out of a rut, warding off monotony
and boredom.
The Love Diet is divided into four parts with different subsections to facilitate the healthy digestion and absorption of its ideas:


The first step is designed to help you discover and get to

know all of the necessary ingredients for a healthy, loving
relationship. You’ll learn to plan your diet and naturally
consume every flavor—the tender gestures, the looks, the
smiles, the hugs, and the kisses—according to your own
sensual needs and those of your partner.


The second step is a comprehensive guide full of tips, ex-

ercises, recipes, and advice that will allow you to maintain
the love you want through your entire life. You will learn
how to reignite your passion even after years of being together, and you will discover ways to remain eternally in
love—and in lust—with each other.


The third step considers special cases and situations that

we can all go through at one time or another. In this part,
you will find advice on how to deal with toxic emotions
such as jealousy, guilt, or anger, as well as how to get over
a difficult breakup and prepare yourself for new love.


The fourth and final step explores the power of self-

esteem, the most essential element of any relationship, because it is only by loving oneself that one can even begin to
learn how to love—and be loved—by others.



I’m sure that once you start reading, The Love Diet will become
your constant companion and a beloved guide for every day . . .


y dear readers, I’d like to congratulate you and wish
you every success as you embark upon this new diet
that will open up hearts all around you. Experimenting with all the
diets here will make you positively glow—radiating beauty and seductive energy, shining like the sun with your own inner light, leaving everyone who comes into contact with you spellbound. And,
most important, you will feel so revitalized that your newfound sense
of freedom and happiness will be evident in everything you do and
in all areas of your life.

This recipe is for two people who want to love each other forever. If
you have not found that special person yet, you can prepare it just for
Surely, if you follow this recipe carefully, love will soon touch
your heart.

Goblet of Endless Love


Love, as the base
Pinches, according to sexual taste
Tender loving care
Sweet looks
Warm embraces, to taste



Caresses, the more, the better
Cream of wisdom, to taste
Sweet gelatin for two
Fresh kisses
A touch of good friends and family
Intimate aromas
1 cup patience
1 cup forgiveness
4 teaspoons each understanding and compassion
2 gallons generosity
1 cup humility
2 teaspoons each acceptance and empathy
4 teaspoons good humor
Seeds of good communication
4 teaspoons magic powder, to learn to value and enjoy what
you have
5 teaspoons faith, mixed with belief in your partner
3 gallons commitment to grow and evolve together


Combine all ingredients and let marinate, never letting the
mixture cool down. Pour into two goblets to toast and celebrate all day, every day.



Your body calls to me, your words captivate me, like a love spell.
I’m so powerless under your gaze that the farther I get from
you, the stronger I feel your magnetic pull, deep within me.

Seduction is the key to success in love, business, friendship, and life
in general. In the art of conquering another human being, every-


The Love Diet

body needs to exercise the same level of discipline and put forth the
same effort, regardless of their physical appearance. As in any art,
seduction requires training, practice, education, and a clear understanding of human psychology, both at the conscious and the subconscious levels.
There are as many styles of seduction as individual personalities,
but at the critical moment of seducing and captivating another person the two essential ingredients that no one can go without are the

The Smile
The smile has the uniquely seductive power of being able to conquer
just about anyone. The best kind of smile is one that communicates
sincerity, since a false smile is easily detected and will always inspire
Just like the gaze, a smile can say many different things. Not
only synonymous of happiness, a smile can also indicate anxiety, insecurity, and even hostility in disguise. A weak or vacillating smile
that doesn’t reveal the teeth and is accompanied by an insecure gaze
is a sign of timidity and a lack of self-confidence. A repressed smile
can send mixed signals, especially when the other person has no idea
why we’re smiling. It might even come across as mockery.

The Look
Casting an effective seductive gaze requires elegance and subtlety,
and it can say more than a thousand words. A clear, sincere, direct,
open gaze can attract and fascinate even a person who has initially
been a little resistant to your charms. Make sure your look always
conveys a certain sweetness, calm, class, and generosity, so that you
always radiate confidence, tranquility, and tenderness.
How long a person can hold a gaze also provides us some clues.

Discovering Love’s Ingredients


Insecure people will tend to look away very quickly. When people
talk about personal issues, they tend to make less eye contact. But if
an insecure person receives a compliment, it’s just the opposite: He or
she will tend to maintain eye contact, to try to determine whether
the person is being sincere.
The way that we look at each other is just as important as actual
physical contact. If one looks at another person with a blend of mystery and passion combined with a fresh, provocative smile, it will
most certainly have a mesmerizing, attractive effect.

10 Unforgettable Looks
In the art of seduction, visual cues are extremely important. For example, at a party in a room full of people, two people can begin an
interaction just by using their eyes—before even exchanging a word.
With just exchanged looks, a romance can begin, questions can be
asked, the intent of seduction expressed, and rebuffs can be issued.
When two people look at each other, they begin to communicate in
a special language, and the most unexpected things can happen.
Here are the different looks that, according to each personality
type, can be used as tools of seduction, weapons that won’t fail at the
critical hour.

A Caressing Look: Slowly look over the entire body of the

person you wish to seduce—from the feet to the fingertips
up to the head—as if you were caressing his or her entire
body with a velvet glove.

A Mysterious Look: Generate a feeling of mystery around

your eyes. Put on a pair of sunglasses, it doesn’t matter
what kind. Keep the sunglasses on, removing them only to
give the person you desire an intense, absorbing look. Don’t
just look over your glasses; slowly take them off and hold

The Love Diet


them in your hand, and then suddenly put them back on
again. Repeat until you have conquered your target.

A Distracted Look (especially appropriate for shy
people): Look at the object of your desire, then drop your

gaze and wait until you feel the other person looking at
you. While the other person is looking at you, raise your
eyes for a moment, letting him or her see you look at him
or her directly for just a few seconds.

A Look That Kills (especially appropriate for the superconfident): Look the target of your seduction directly in

the eye, without any hesitation. While you hold his or her
gaze, approach the person. To move in for the kill, simply
start a conversation without too much premeditation.

A Fresh Look (especially appropriate for teens or those
new to love): Flutter your eyelashes, like the leading ladies

of the old silent movies. Look at the object of your desire,
blink a few times, then give an intensely suggestive look
before lowering your gaze. Blink again with an unfocused
look, giving you a fresh air of sensuality.

A Fascinating Look: I should confess that this look is my

favorite. While I was studying theater, which I did for fifteen years, I decided to give a character a lion’s look. I went
to the zoo to study the lion, trying to understand the source
of his power. I discovered that when a lion looks at people,
it devours them with its gaze. That animal has a completely
transparent look that, like a giant cat, embodies extraordinary strength. Its look is direct and unblinking, and after a
few seconds, its eyes rest on a person and you feel tempted
to walk up to it, fascinated by the clear hazel eyes. When I

Discovering Love’s Ingredients
incorporated this look into my interpretation of the character I was playing, the theater professor gave me a very nice
compliment. “Mabel, you grasped something beyond the
mere physical act of the lion’s gaze when you reenacted it,
and you will carry that with you for your whole life.” Maybe
my old professor was right. I think it’s fascinating when, in
any life situation, one has a clear goal and sets out singlemindedly to accomplish it.

A Glowing Look (especially appropriate for people who
have tired of playing the field and want to settle down
with the love of their life): This look happens when a

person’s smile and gaze are in perfect harmony, as if the
stars in the sky have fallen down to settle in that person’s
eyes. To practice getting it right, I suggest meditating:
Visualize something incredibly beautiful, something you
love very much, something that for you represents love and
light, so that those qualities are reflected in your eyes to
such an extent that others will be mesmerized by your

A Penetrating Look: Imagine that you are making love to

the object of your desire with your eyes. This look is great
for the most daring women and very sensual men. Hold the
other person’s gaze steady so he or she will feel that you are
touching his or her very soul, and more.

A Smiling Look: People who perfect this look possess the

magical seductive powers of the smile because they can
smile with just their eyes. It is as if they have been touched
with a magic wand and can hear the singing of the angels,
making them smile with their pupils. This is one of the
most unforgettable looks of all.


The Love Diet



A Loving Look: With this look, you approach life with love.

It’s important to understand that to successfully practice
this look, you must be in love with love. You must see life
through the eyes of beauty, harmony, and perfection. This
look cannot be faked, for it is a direct reflection of the soul.

Seduction Techniques
Beyond knowing how to correctly use the way you look and smile to
seduce someone, there are other various techniques to win someone’s
heart. You can seduce someone by being friendly and generous, as
well as by being violent, indifferent, cold, or direct. In this section,
you’ll find some different modes of seduction that you can use to attract your lover, or that someone else may use to attract you.

Argumentative Seduction: With argumentative seduc-

tion, the person who is being seduced identifies with the
ideas, opinions, and comments of the seducer, thus creating an intense connection on the intellectual and mental

Affectionate Seduction: Affectionate seduction is charac-

terized by focusing on the emotional element of the relationship, paying close attention to all of the little details
that make daily life sweeter and awaken feelings of tenderness in the other. From unexpected, thoughtful gifts, a
phone call or email with tender words, a kiss delivered at
just the right moment, hugs that communicate passion and
love, unexpected massages just when the person feels tired
or stressed.

Subliminal Seduction: This kind of seduction is com-

pletely different from the other forms because it involves

Discovering Love’s Ingredients


training, convincing the person you have the intention of
seducing from the inside out. The goal is to understand
and influence the other person’s mind at the subconscious
level. This is the most difficult kind of seduction to pull
off—you’ll learn about the necessary steps to successfully
subliminally seduce someone later.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
First impressions are generally formed within the first fifteen
minutes of meeting someone for the first time. In this short period,
we consciously or unconsciously decide whether or not we like the
person and if we want to have any sort of ongoing relationship with
him or her. This initial impression can stay fixed for a long time—it
can be very difficult to change because that would mean starting all
over again from zero. It would imply having to reevaluate all the information we have received about this person. We would have to
admit that we made a mistake in judgment and draw new conclusions that would mean we would have to change our behavior toward
and our opinions about this person. That’s why it’s much easier to
just stick with the first impression, as long as we aren’t confronted
with any information about that person that is blatantly and totally
different from our initial judgment.
Human beings have many facets that can be revealed during the
first encounter with another. We can show as many different sides of
ourselves as we want, and that’s why it’s important to be fully aware
of how we behave. It is important that we think about what special
inner quality we possess that we value highly and would like to reveal
to the other person at the first moment we meet. At that first meeting, everything that is communicated through words and body
language is registered and evaluated by the other person. Never underestimate anyone, especially the introverted, quiet types, because

The Love Diet


they are the most sensitive to body language. But whether you’re
dealing with an introvert or extrovert, the most important things to
keep in mind during a first meeting are the following:

Try to behave and dress in a way that is comfortable and
natural to you so that you can feel as attractive and inviting as possible.


Use your body language appropriately.


Be a good listener.


Look at the other person attentively and suggestively.


Take advantage of every opportunity to show how much
you are enjoying the other person’s company.

You don’t have to be incredibly beautiful or handsome to be charming. Beauty radiates in many different ways, and it is but a reflection
of our interior state.
It is important that we feel comfortable with ourselves so that we
project interest outward. In general, people tend to form an opinion
about us that reflects our own self-image, how we judge ourselves. If
we think of ourselves as marvelous, delightful individuals, it’s very
likely that the rest of the world will see us that way, too. If, on the
other hand, you think, “I’m ugly, no one likes me,” it’s possible that
you are projecting an unattractive image. If your self-image makes
you unhappy, it’s very possible that you feel rejected by others. And
if you think, “I’m not smart enough and no one wants to listen to
what I have to say,” subconsciously, you are expecting no one to listen to you. You are projecting an image of low self-confidence and
The key to success in seduction is to accept yourself, and project a
positive self-image.

Discovering Love’s Ingredients


What Our Gestures Say
One way to project a positive image and appear more confident is
through the gestures you make with your body during a conversation.
To really get to know someone, you have to observe their gestures as they talk. When you’re having a conversation with someone,
you, as well as the other person, are both transmitting thousands of
messages and signals to each other through your bodies. In fact, we
have used nonverbal language from the moment we were born—
when we didn’t yet have the vocabulary to talk to our parents and
had to rely on our gestures. We do the same when we don’t speak
a foreign language and need to communicate. Body language is
the most primitive form of communication since it springs directly from our emotions and reflects the way we relate to the
world. That’s why it’s very important to bring into harmonious
balance what you say, what you feel, and what you communicate to
send a clear message to the person you intend to seduce. To understand another person’s body language—and make sure that you are
sending out the right signals—here are some keys for correct interpretation.

Downcast Eyes: When a person has something to hide,

she tends to look down at the ground. Timid or insecure
people who fear direct contact with others tend to look
away from another person’s eyes. For those who are shy or
insecure, I usually recommend that they think of the person they are talking to as a little baby, so that the interaction is devoid of any sexual undercurrents. Often, a fear of
inciting sexual desire in the other person provokes a profound discomfort in these types of personalities. Shy people
feel nervous at the very thought that they might unwittingly make some sort of sexual insinuation to the other.

The Love Diet


Thus by focusing on the gentlest aspects of the other person, they can relax and clear their mind of those thoughts.

Not Making Eye Contact During a Conversation: This

can indicate shyness, or it can mean that the person doesn’t
completely believe what he or she is hearing. In this situation, it is important to try to establish some tender contact,
possibly even physical—perhaps tenderly stroking the other
person’s hand. You can also cradle the other person’s face in
your hands, tenderly looking into his or her eyes, as if to
say, “You can trust me.”

Looking Away, Then Looking Intently into the Other
Person’s Eyes Before Speaking: This shows that the per-

son will offer a carefully considered response. If the person
tends to repeat this gesture, it can also indicate a very high
level of self-confidence. If the gesture is made simply to
emphasize one particular comment, it’s important to pay
close attention to what the person says.

Playing with Hair: Many women have a habit of playing

with, twisting, or touching their hair when they are in
front of a person they like. This is a flirtatious gesture, but
when combined with a distracted, unsmiling look, it can
also indicate a lack of self-confidence and a lack of interest
in the conversation, either out of fear or indifference.

Crossed Arms: This posture indicates a critical, unrecep-

tive, defensive attitude.

Head Movements: Depending on their rhythm, head

movements can communicate completely opposite attitudes. For example, when others are speaking and we agree

Discovering Love’s Ingredients


with what they say, we tend to nod our head emphatically,
showing that we are interested in what they are saying.
Tilting the head is another clue that we can interpret in
various ways. Tilting the head slightly forward and to one
side means, “I’m listening.” And when the head tilt is accompanied by a smile and eye contact, it indicates rising
feelings of empathy, and the chances of connecting are
greater. On the other hand, when we don’t agree with the
speaker, we tend to slowly shake our head from side to side,
as if negating the other’s points of view.

Crossing the Legs and Shaking the Feet: We tend to do

this when we’re bored—we may not even realize we’re
doing it. This gesture indicates anxiety and nervousness,
especially when people move their legs very rapidly and

Shaking a Leg: Shaking a leg in a constant, mechanical

way when we’re sitting down, either while we’re speaking
or listening to someone else, can be an expression of discomfort. It also indicates a desire to leave that particular
situation or environment as soon as possible.

Pursing the Lips: This can indicate that the person has

doubts or doesn’t quite believe what the other person is saying. It can also indicate a reluctance to speak honestly.
Here are some other signals that can be picked up through body

Gestures of Superiority: A person can communicate a

certain feeling of superiority toward a speaker by leaning

The Love Diet


back in a chair, interrupting the other person’s speech, or
modulating the voice louder than anyone else’s.

Signs of Sexual Repression: When a person touches cer-

tain parts of their body (like massaging their neck or stroking their beard or hair), it can be a way of comforting
oneself or an attempt to relax in a stressful situation. But
when a person licks their lips or chews on an object, such as
a pen, this indicates a certain level of sexual repression, especially when this behavior is frequently engaged in. It
could also be an attempt to be seen as sexy. Other gestures
that indicate a certain nervousness or a repression of sexual
desire are moving the feet or fingers restlessly, playing with
objects, loosening articles of clothing.

Signs of Hostility: People show clear signs of hostility

when they stomp their feet or kick an object, or when part
of their face appears tense, like furrowing the brow or biting the lips.

Signs of Trust or Interest: In general, when a person

likes what another person is saying, he or she will give the
speaker a long, meaningful look, with wide eyes. It is a
clear, open look, without blinking. This indicates that the
listener trusts what is being said and is very interested in
hearing more of what the speaker has to say.

Signs of Receptivity: When on a date, for example, a per-

son displays open palms while speaking, this is an indication that he or she is ready for a more personal, even sexual
encounter but will wait for the other to make the first move.
In a more established relationship, this gesture shows that
the person is very sincere and open.

Discovering Love’s Ingredients


Signals to Capture the Heart
To make the lover of your dreams fall in love with you, you can
imaginatively use your erotic desire as an internal motivator. Visualizing and imagining that you are with that special someone can be
the first step to capturing his or her attention.
One important weapon in your arsenal of seduction is to gather
all the information you can about the person’s personal history, paying close attention to the signals he or she sends through body language and words.
If you are unable to see the other person to pick up on their body
language (if you’re chatting on the phone or online), there are other
ways to pick up on their receptivity. It’s important to pay attention to
how quickly they respond, the tone in their voice, and their choice of
words. For example, in a computer chat, if a person’s responses begin
to slow down, that could mean that their interest is waning, or that
they simply don’t agree with what you’re saying. But if their responses
are rapid-fire, that means you have accomplished your mission!
It’s important to stay focused on the objects of your affections
without overwhelming them. Try to pick up on what they are thinking subconsciously, and if you sense that there is something negative,
try to turn it around into something positive. For example, if you
pick up on some sadness in the other person, don’t talk about it directly. Perhaps talk about something you think would make him or
her happy and imply how you could help.
Be patient, learn how to wait. Give the other person a chance to
approach you, naturally open up to you. Don’t pressure him or her
and, most important of all, don’t try to talk too much. Give the other
person the time and space to open up to you willingly.
Follow the natural rhythm and timing of the seduction, calmly
and patiently. If you jump the gun, you may begin to get the impression that the other person wants to escape, as if they were prey (and
you’re the hunter!). If you sense that, slow down and try to adopt a


The Love Diet

more passive attitude. Give the other person space to talk so you can
listen or just passively observe him or her. Always remember, a sense
of humor is the best, most stimulating aphrodisiac that we can use
for seduction.
A quick exit can be a very effective strategy in piquing the interest of the other, creating a sense of expectation. When it feels like
your powers of seduction are taking effect, either actually making a
quick getaway or just implying that you might leave by taking a sudden, unexpected phone call can work wonders. A carefully timed retreat is an excellent trick to use on those lovers-to-be who may have
initially felt as if they had the upper hand.

Do you want to seduce someone but don’t know how?
Do you want to be more subtle, but more effective, in your attempts to
win someone over?
Then you should start practicing the art of subliminal seduction right now!

The practice of sending subliminal messages has a very negative connotation because it has been used by some people as a means to manipulate—in advertising, for example, or in politics. Still, subliminal
messages can go way beyond manipulative advertising campaigns. In
fact, studies are currently being conducted investigating the possible
therapeutic uses of subliminal stimulations and perceptions.
Subliminal communication targets the natural subconscious
mind, the part that doesn’t have the same abilities to analyze information as the conscious mind. To reach the subconscious mind, one
must appeal to the powers of perception. In this process of subliminal exchange, the conscious mind often isn’t on the necessary wavelength to detect the messages that are transmitted. The very few who
can detect subliminal messages have a very alert mind and have been
trained in meditation or creative visualization techniques.

Discovering Love’s Ingredients


What is the mechanism in the brain that allows the mind to hear
certain words, and then to decide if those words are pleasant or exciting? In the cerebral cortex, there are a series of stimulants that originate in the sensory organs, and when it comes to sexual motivations,
they have two sources: the internal, fantasies in the mind, and external, which come from sensory stimulation. Both are interpreted by
the brain and transformed into either sexual excitement or rejection.
Seduction is, without a doubt, one of the most popular games
on earth. But this game has certain rules and a series of very welldefined codes of conduct. Attraction depends on endless factors, including cultural and social influences, and a seductive mind is just as
important as an attractive body. It has nothing to do with physical
perfection, but with how you behave. To carry out a successful subliminal seduction, you need to focus on certain factors.

1) The transmitter must be able to control his emotions to

induce the receptor to focus her attention on a particularly fascinating aspect of the transmitter’s character. For
a. Try to be bold on the first date. If a part of you wants to
reach out and touch him or her, do it.
b. Don’t spend too much time thinking.
c. Look the other person steadily in the eye the whole time.

2) With complete conviction, transmit a seductive mes-

sage—you’ll get the receiver’s gratitude and appreciation.
For example: Find out something about your date’s previous love life and bring it up as if you were a psychic, with
total passion, as if you were under the person’s skin, feeling what he or she felt.

The Love Diet


Strategies for Being a Subliminal Seducer

Be unpredictable: You should never act in a predictable
manner. You have to always behave in a manner different
from what they expect.


When you see an opportunity and the time is right, try
out different strategies. For example:
1. Try to be animated in your conversation. Show off your
sense of humor, but don’t make jokes about yourself.
On another date, you can show your more serious/reserved
2. Invite him or her over for dinner. Use very spicy ingredients and serve a sweet dessert—love comes through the
3. Constantly change your hairstyle and the way you dress
to avoid getting stereotyped.
4. Use different perfumes until you find the one that truly
mesmerizes him.
5. Inject an impression of mystery into your conversation.


Audacity: Be daring. If you think it, do it. Don’t say,
“Can I kiss you?” Just kiss him! It’s better to regret having
done it than never to have even tried.


The element of surprise: Give unusual gifts and make outof-the-ordinary date plans, but don’t smother the other


Suspense: Don’t pull all your cards out on the table.

Discovering Love’s Ingredients


Don’t forget: Successful seduction game plans come in
endless variety, as limitless as the full range of emotions
you can inspire.

The satisfaction of subliminal seduction comes from observing
the success of the techniques you try out and perfect. With some
practice, you will drive whomever you set your sights on crazy with
desire. Try it today, and soon you will have pulled off your first subliminal seduction.

The Golden Rule
In subliminal seduction, you must
always accept responsibility for
what you inspire.

Seduction is a mirror game: We believe we seduce others through appearances and mystery, inciting their curiosity, exciting their sexual energy,
looking for their weaknesses or strengths to attract them. But in all likelihood, they have already seduced us.

Seduction for All Tastes
There are seducers out there for all possible tastes, but there are also
some people who set out to win a person’s heart without really knowing why they are doing it. It is important to be familiar with the different profiles of these seducers—avoid being taken in by them and

The Love Diet


perhaps learn how to better play the game of seduction without taking it too seriously.
Many of these types of seducers will seduce indiscriminately, to
please others or to reaffirm their own sense of self-esteem. They really love only themselves, and it is difficult for them to love or feel
anything for anyone else. They need constant reassurance that they
are attractive to others and well liked because underneath the facade,
they are deeply insecure. These love conquerors can be seen at work
in large numbers in all major cities, and their methods can cause a
great deal of confusion. In the following pages, I’ll summarize some
of their methods so you can avoid falling into the trap of these “love
them and leave them” types.

Love phobics tend to be extremely seductive, but they rarely
establish actual relationships. Their “victims” are always
left with the feeling that they haven’t fully satisfied the
seducer’s expectations, or that they’ve done something
wrong. Relationships with love phobics tend to fail
because they actually have a true fear of achieving what
they supposedly want. Although they have fully
mastered the art of seduction and all its techniques, they
are unable to pursue an actual relationship because their
level of narcissism is so severe that they fear intimate
contact. They end up making all kinds of excuses and
are only truly happy when they are alone.

You can spot them from a mile away. Their methods are so
blatant they come across as cloying. In approaching
another person, they tend to desire social acceptance
more than sexual gratification. Their goal is not to
satisfy another person, but to feel admired by the entire

Discovering Love’s Ingredients
world. They will engage in superficial conversation until
they find a weakness point—and then they pounce. The
male flatterer knows that if he tells a fairly unattractive
woman that she is beautiful, she will not assume he is
lying, and will instead believe he has good taste. The
female flatterer will make a man feel that he is the
smartest, wittiest man in the world, as well as the most

Contrary to other compulsive seducers, the manipulators
aren’t looking for sexual power but social power. They
tend to use their good looks to promote themselves and
reach the social position that they are after. In general,
manipulators use their financial power and physical
attractiveness to exploit, humiliate, or use their victims
to attain their own ends.

Women: You can identify a female sex symbol merely by
looking at her. Her ultimate goal is to generate
excitement at all times. She dresses provocatively and
makes her intentions of sexual domination clear. She
loves to be the center of attention. What she says or does
doesn’t matter, it’s how she does it. Her body language is
very powerful and the message it sends is unmistakable:
She wants to get the attention of all men. It’s difficult to
tell if she intends to sexually follow through with the
seduction, or if the mere knowledge that she is capable of
seducing the men around her is enough to satisfy her.
Men: The way they dress may vary, but their attitude of
extreme self-confidence can be overwhelming. The male
sex symbol is convinced that women are irresistibly


The Love Diet


attracted to him because of how good he considers
himself to be. He doesn’t need to wear revealing clothing
to communicate his goal, but he has to appear sure of
himself physically and mentally. The actual sexual
conquest is always a strong impulse. What excites the
male sex symbol the most is being aware that the most
beautiful woman in the room is looking at him.

Women: The lost child seems very vulnerable (even if she’s
older than fifty years). She approaches men with a false
air of wide-eyed innocence and lack of experience, and
she radiates an adolescent eroticism, very different from
the deliberate, premeditated sexuality that vampires use
to trap their victims in movies. They seem insecure and
not very in control of what they’re doing. They seduce a
man by casting their candid gaze on him, seeming
positively enraptured by his every word. They do not
maintain eye contact for too long, though, quickly
dropping their eyes and looking up again, timid and
unsure, as if the man’s gaze were simply too powerful
and magnetic to hold.
Men: This type of man makes himself attractive to a certain
type of woman by pretending to be a victim, as if he
were in need of help and protection. To seduce a woman,
he makes her think that he desperately needs her,
regardless of how old she is. He will adopt the role of the
“child” in the relationship, which can be very attractive
to some women. But while the female version of the lost
child rarely annoys other women, the lost boy type is
absolutely reviled by other men.
It is only when we feel comfortable and completely at ease with
our own sexuality and personality that we can be selective when it

Discovering Love’s Ingredients


comes to seducing and being seduced. Always remember to look deep
into the other person’s eyes and try to decipher his or her true intentions to determine if he or she are worthy of your genuine affection.
Seduction is the first step to the coming together of two souls,
even if it’s only for an instant.

Techniques for successfully seducing someone are not fixed in stone. The
important thing is to combine all of the ingredients that are available in just
the right way to create our own tailor-made Love Diet.

For Her
You will positively radiate glamour if you use these methods, and you
will make any man you choose fall at your feet.

To win the love and devotion of even the most hard-to-catch man,
project the image of a daring, confident woman. It’s important to
dress sexy, but be careful not to cross the line into tacky with exaggerated plunging necklines or teeny-tiny skirts. Being bold is an inner attitude, and you should clearly know what you want before you
unleash the power of your charm on a man . . .
Start with a few sexy looks.
Smile provocatively, mysteriously, but not too openly.
Use just enough makeup to accentuate your eyes’ natural shine.
After a few provocative, sensual gestures—and once you’ve captured his attention—you need to slowly move close to him, putting
on your sweetest, sexiest voice.
Place your head close to his and say something light and witty:
“Have I met you in this life, or another?”
“Have we met, or have I only seen you in my dreams?”
“Sorry to have kept you waiting, I’m here now—you were wait-


The Love Diet

ing for me, right?” (Of course, to use this line, if you’re in a bar or
nightclub, make sure you’ve observed your target from afar long
enough to know that he obviously has not been waiting for anyone.)
If you walk away right after saying that, he’ll have no choice but
to ask you to stay; if he doesn’t, make sure you walk away very slowly.
If the man you are attracted to doesn’t try to keep you from walking
away, try to use a soft look, as if you were caressing him with your
eyes, before you walk away.
Once you have successfully initiated a conversation, it’s fun to
use double entendres and inject a little sensuality into the conversation.


For all the women who are too shy
and just can’ t get up enough nerve to
make the first move, I’d like to share a
very personal story with you.
One night, I was out at a nightclub with my girlfriends and I realized I was getting sick of always ending up talking about the same
thing: men.
Right then, I said to myself, “Mabel, you can talk with your
girlfriends some other day, but you could be missing out on an
opportunity to meet a handsome, interesting man, right this moment. Instead of complaining about men, you can go out there
and try to meet one right now.” And I decided to do a little reconnaissance mission and see what kind of possibilities were out
I found a strategic place to stand where I could observe

Discovering Love’s Ingredients


everyone in the club. At that point, I simply could not stand being a passive woman for another minute, waiting and waiting
around for some man to come up to me. I looked around the
room like a hawk stalking its prey, looking down on the landscape of the nightclub.
Then a man caught my eye. He wasn’t exactly my ideal
dream man, but there seemed to be something very nice about
him ; somehow he seemed very sweet. He was walking around
quite hesitantly, and he seemed to be debating whether or not
he should approach a woman that he was watching.
After observing him for a little while and seeing that he
made no progress, I went up to him and said, “Do you like that
girl ? It’s too bad I don’t know her because I’d love to introduce
her to you.” He looked at me and said, “No, that’s not it at all.
It’s actually you I’m interested in. . . . Can I get you a drink?”
I think I used the bold approach with a touch of innocence,
but I got great results. That’s why it’s very important that you
use a method that follows your own personal style. Facing up to
the challenge of approaching a man directly for the first time was
a very interesting experience; I think that if I hadn’t gotten up my
nerve to walk up to him, I would not have had a lovely relationship with him for three years. We both evolved and changed and
the relationship did not last forever, but I’m very glad that I had
that experience, since we learn valuable love lessons in every
relationship. Especially now that I’m so happily married, I can
look back on those times with sweet nostalgia.


This seductive style gives women a particular power over men. One
very well-known woman who used this method to great effect was
Marilyn Monroe.
The innocent can get away with wearing sexy clothes and
makeup, and often the innocent will wear very sweet outfits, such as
baby-doll dresses and feminine blouses. Only on that special day


The Love Diet

when she decides to drive him wild does she pull out that sexy black
The innocent responds to a man’s conversation with a pretty
smile, talks only as much as is necessary—and hardly ever about
herself. She seems shy and never takes initiative. With an ever-present
sweetness, she can act like everything surprises her, while she actually
knows perfectly well that men like embarking on adventures and
taking risks. She always accompanies him no matter where he goes,
adopting an ever-passive and complacent attitude. She always asks
questions about things she doesn’t know, and then she drops her gaze,
as if grateful for the answers given to her. This is a technique that
requires a lot of practice for women who are not typically shy or
quiet. It’s perfect for women who enjoy playing a traditional role.

This is a woman who already knows she’s very beautiful, but she may
feel a little confused and think that men underestimate her intelligence. What she doesn’t know is that she has a whole world of possibilities open to her.
She uses all her personal magnetism and wit in conversation. She
always has the last word, finishing a story with a touch of humor or
an unexpected ending. Her smile and wit are her most effective weapons in seduction, and she always knows how to give advice—about
work, life, love. She should refrain from getting angry when she feels
people only see her as a beautiful object at times. She tends to captivate the man she wants, with a very effective technique of lowering
her eyes and not cutting him off when he tries to explain something
she already knows. The most important thing is to complement her
natural intelligence with an air of mystery and seductiveness.

Discovering Love’s Ingredients



This approach is one of my favorites. I’ve always used it, and I still
use it sometimes on my husband. I like it because men as well as
women often put people into rigid categories. But you’ll never be
entirely sure of what the disconcerting person is going to do or what
she wants. You’ll get everyone’s attention using this method. This is
not the most efficient approach to take with a man who is very cold
and distant, but it always works on some level over the long run.
You’ll need to rely on your intuition in order to quickly pinpoint
the other’s weakness and use it in your favor. For example, if he has
dark hair and eyes, you could very innocently mention how much
you liked Jude Law in his last movie, with his lighter hair and blue
eyes. Nothing can upset a man more than not being seen as the most
One very effective technique that will catch him totally off guard
is to give him a deep, sensual kiss when he’s not expecting it (see the
chapter on kisses), especially if you have been arguing or just having
a small difference of opinion that can simply not be resolved, but is
certainly not dire.
This approach to seduction works every time: You could be so
disconcerting that at first he goes out with you out of simple curiosity, just to see what will happen on each date. But by the end, if you
implement this technique with a little well-placed tenderness, he’ll
adore you and won’t be able to live without you.


Always remember that the seduction
phase does not come to an end when you get married or engaged. Once you’ve seduced your prince, keep on winning his
heart day after day as if you were forever on your first date.
Never stop.

The Love Diet


For Him
The first thing you have to keep in mind is that in almost every case,
the woman is the one choosing you, not vice versa. But you will be
sure to capture the woman of your dreams using the techniques and
methods in The Love Diet.

To triumph in the battle of love, a man must possess certain essential qualities. The charming gentleman is so well mannered that it
doesn’t matter how he looks, because his mere presence generates
its own special light. His manner evokes a feeling of warmth, appreciation, and natural good humor. With his smile and aura of tenderness, the charming gentleman can seduce even the most difficult of

Always good-humored and pleasant in every conversation
and interaction, the charming gentleman accepts all.


Because he is good-natured even in the face of rejection,
women find themselves very intrigued when he acts like it
does not bother him at all.


His messages and actions are always very positive and
everything he says has a touch of humor and gallantry.


The charming man opens doors for her, slides the chair
out for her at the restaurant, and helps her on and off with
her coat. All women go wild with this kind of attention.


The tortured sensitive soul talks about the things and people that
he loves and cares about. He talks about how his previous partners

Discovering Love’s Ingredients


couldn’t understand him because he’s so sensitive. He talks about
how strongly he loves his family and friends. He talks about romantic
books and beautiful love poems that he adores. He knows poetry by
heart and recites verses constantly. He takes a woman out to see romantic movies and holds her hand, his eyes welling over with tears
during the emotional scenes. To be the tortured sensitive soul, you
need to project a profound need to be loved or protected, and you
need to seem as sweet as possible.

This approach is not the most sensual of all, but you can use it to attract women who tend to gravitate toward smart men. Take advantage of every opportunity you have to demonstrate how much you
know, stunning her with your breadth of knowledge. Avoid being too
passive in conversation, always show an openness to talking about
any topic, and learn what her interests are, research them on your
own, then share with her everything you’ve learned. However, beware of using this technique on a very passionate, carnal woman:
She’ll be out the door in two seconds, maybe using the old excuse “I
have to run out to buy cigarettes”—even if she doesn’t smoke.

The romantic likes all kinds of women, with no exceptions. This seductive approach is similar to that of the tortured sensitive soul, except you should not appear sad—you should always try to appear “in
love with love.” If you’re out to dinner and she excuses herself for a
moment, put a romantic note or chocolate at her place for her to find
when she returns. Give her flowers regularly, even if it’s just a single
flower once a week. Send her sweet emails, or call her just to tell her
that you miss her. Talk about nature—the birds, the color of the sky,
how sweet the flowers smell. Always have romantic music on hand,
and ask her to dance with you, slowly and sensuously, whenever the
chance comes up—even if it’s in the middle of Fifth Avenue in New


The Love Diet

York City. Always be attentive to her needs, especially when it comes
to kisses, hugs, and loving care.
In general, it’s hard for a man to keep the passion going once
he’s won the girl. Make sure you don’t lose your sensuality, and keep
up the romantic gestures so she will always feel important, loved, and
ultimately adored.
Once you’ve successfully completed the initial seduction phase,
you’ll need to learn how to blend the key ingredients essential to a
wildly sensual and loving relationship with the one you love.

You have opened me up to my deepest core.
Now no one can break my heart.
With the art of your lovemaking, my defenses have dropped.
You dissolved my fortress walls with your sweet tenderness.
Because of you, I feel like a real woman.
Your passionate whispers enveloped me.
Love me, as our bodies dance together.
I am yours, completely, unconditionally.

We closely examine the theme of seduction in The Love Diet, so we
couldn’t possibly ignore the ideal special magnetism unique to Latin
lovers. They have their own techniques and practices when it comes to
handling sensuality and passion.

The Love Diet


As we all know, Latins are known throughout the world for being
the most romantic and passionate lovers. Since the time of Rudolph
Valentino—who personified the Latin lover in the movies—to now,
when certain rock stars and movie stars play the role to perfection,
Latins have been known for one thing: seduction. For men and
women who want to perfect the sensual art of loving Latino-style,
here are a few essential points that must be kept in mind.

Self-Confidence: Regardless of your age, sex, or social po-

sition, you must project confidence in the art of love—even
if you’re a bit nervous and it’s your first sexual encounter
with someone you desperately desire.

Trust: You must gain the trust of your target. You need to

make your paramour feel comfortable with his or her body,
like he or she never has before. When you sense fear or inhibition putting up a sexual block, stop.

Persistence: A consistent effort will show the object of

your desire that you are committed to capturing his or her
heart. Communicate your inner resolve and energy through
your gaze, your words, and your passion. Make your lover
understand all the exquisite pleasure you can give him or
her, and make an unforgettable impression.

Make Your Body Talk: It’s very important to fuel your

partner’s energy with your body. Transferring your energy
through hugs, kisses, and caresses will heighten your own
level of excitement and awaken a great passionate desire in
your lover.

Be Intuitive: You shouldn’t rely just on verbal communica-

tion to seduce, you must convey your erotic desire. It’s
critical to develop your intuition, listen to what the other is

Discovering Love’s Ingredients
saying with the heart, not words. If you can really connect
with your lover with a thoroughly relaxed mind and heart,
you will understand, at the deepest level, this mysterious,
passionate thing we call love.

Use a Sweet Voice: Both men and women can practice

modulating their tone of voice. A good way to work on
this, ensuring that your tone is as sweet and sexy as possible, is to practice with a tape recorder. Make a recording of
yourself reading a romantic poem or text and listen to it.
Repeat until your tone is just the way you want it to be and
your breathing is relaxed and controlled. You’ll get delicious, sexy results in no time!

Be Protective: Your lover needs to feel protected and safe

outside of the bedroom in order to fully give him or herself
up sexually. Protecting your lover is a way of fostering
intimacy, tenderness, and peace of mind when the time
comes for making love.

Radiate Power and Charisma: Demonstrating unex-

pected strength will be particularly stimulating to your
lover. If you are always attentive to his or her desires—
even with something as simple as a little surprise gift or
gesture—even the most elusive, difficult conquests will be

The Way You Move: While you walk, whether you’re a

man or woman, think and project your sensuality. If your
movements are awkward and somewhat stiff, they will
most certainly not be perceived as sexy. Don’t overdo it,
though, just try to be graceful and languid as you move.
Remember the sexy Latin lovers immortalized by Hollywood: They move like cats.


The Love Diet



Be Sexy and Sensual: A sensual person is literally one who

provokes a reaction in another person’s senses, whether he
or she inspires sex, excitement, admiration, arousal, etc. It’s
not a matter of being physically beautiful, the trick is to be
totally at ease with yourself and to project this. If you have
a photo of yourself that you are particularly fond of, try to
visualize it every time you start to criticize yourself or feel
bad about yourself. Express your sensuality by tapping into
the positive energy you receive from being with your lover.

Sexual Games: Invent different erotic games to stimulate

yourself and your partner. It could be trying out different
Kamasutra positions, having phone sex, or any of the various techniques described in the second part of this book.

Celebrate: An encounter with your lover should always be

treated as a celebration. You need to fully understand your
partner’s needs and desires so you will know what will
makes him or her happy and gives him or her pleasure.
With an equal balance of romance and sensuality, any encounter
can be made unforgettable.

19 Essential Keys to Being a Latin Lover

1. Watch the sunset and gaze at the stars together.
2. Discover perfumes and scents that you both like.
3. Compliment your lover’s body and personality as often as
possible—especially in front of others.
4. Discreetly touch your lover’s intimate parts, even in public

Discovering Love’s Ingredients

5. When you look into each other’s eyes, forget everything
and everyone around you. Form a closed circle that no
one else can enter.

6. Don’t forget the power of the magnetic look, like the first
one you ever exchanged.

7. Whisper “I love you” in your partner’s ear.
8. Create your own lovemaking rituals.
9. Write your partner a love poem. Even if it’s very simple,

your lover will think it’s the most beautiful poem in the

10. Serenade your lover with a song, even if it’s in bed.
11. Cook up some aphrodisiac dishes . . . wearing very little or
nothing at all.

12. Find unusual places to make love, especially ones that you
know your partner would like.

13. Write little love notes to your partner and leave them
around the house to find.

14. Hold your partner’s hand often—at the movies, while
walking, in the car, at home.

15. Invent a special cocktail and name it after your lover. If

your partner doesn’t drink alcohol, it could be made with
fruit juices.

16. Make love by candlelight, a touch of romantic music in
the background.

17. Study all of the different kisses, caresses, and massages described in the different sections of this book.


The Love Diet


18. Take pictures of all your special times together, and make
a photo album of your own Love Diet.
19. Always be aware of what your lover says (verbally and
nonverbally), and how and where it’s said. Learning
how to listen is the most important part of being a
Latin lover.

A Latin woman doesn’t necessarily have to be Hispanic or from Latin
America, as conventional wisdom suggests. Latin women could include those of Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Romanian, or French descent, as well as many others.
Sexual myths attribute a passionate nature to the Latina woman.
A number of cultural prejudices and preconceptions affect Latina
women and exert an influence over how they interact in romantic
relationships—even how they flirt. What are they? What are the
myths? What is it like to be with a male or female Latin lover?

How to Seduce a Latina
Winning the heart of a Latina isn’t about secret formulas or magic
potions. But it isn’t a simple task, either. People tend to stereotype
women and classify their sexual intensity according to their ethnic
origin. But the truth is, just as being European or Anglo-Saxon
doesn’t necessarily imply a “cold” nature, Latina’s, on their part, are
not necessarily “hot” either.

The secret to winning the heart of that special Latina in
your life is to be very decisive in everything you do.


Show her that you are sensitive, that you aren’t afraid to
cry in front of her, but don’t be a crybaby either.

Discovering Love’s Ingredients

Be protective of her, but don’t be too obvious about it, or
she’ll start to feel smothered.


The Latin lady looks for a man whose sensitive side is well
balanced by his serious, rational side.


Be energetic, sensual, and passionate toward her, but at
the right moment pull out your tender, sweet side.


Show her that you are a man with his feet planted firmly
on the ground and that you know what you want.


Be a gentleman; be romantic.


Be original and creative in everything you do. For
example, when she leaves the table for some reason
at a restaurant, leave her a little note under her plate.
If you live together, leave her notes on the bathroom


Try to be generous. Share your interests, your friends, and
your life in general with her. Always be courteous and polite.


Share your secrets, plans, and dreams for the future with
her, for you will discover that she is not only a wonderful
lover but also a great supporter.


Give her little gifts, even if it’s just a single handpicked
flower, to show her how much you care.


Write her a poem or recite one for her. You don’t have to
serenade her with it under her window, but if you do, she
will love it.


The Love Diet


Don’t think of your Latin lady as the archetype from the movies.
Because the truth is, Latinas are heroines in everyday life. She is a
perfect mother, she works hard, and she isn’t afraid of success. She
is also sensual and wants to be as beautiful on the inside as on the
How to Seduce a Latino
Latinos have a similar reputation: sexy, super-hot, and always in love.
The Latin man is supposedly always ready to jump into bed, but this
reputation doesn’t do them any favors when they’re trying to find a
real partner, not just have a little fun. In general, having a family and
raising children are top priorities for Latino men. As for Latin women,
this is an important consideration to keep in mind when it comes to
choosing a partner.

Don’t get flustered when he looks at you. Men have a way
of fixating on certain body parts (breasts, rear, legs, etc.),
and most men display this tendency when they look at
women. It is especially pronounced in Latino men. The
eyes are the windows to the soul, but that’s not what they
are looking at first. When it comes to a first impression,
other things are more important for men. Even though
they may not focus on your inner beauty right away, make
sure to show self-confidence in your body and appearance.
Until you have built up a high level of trust with him,
don’t be too candid in your conversation, and don’t pay
him too many compliments. At the beginning, just offer
your attention, respect, and friendliness.


Be flexible in your approach and be ready to adapt to the
situations he puts you in. No matter what your strategy is,
always project an air of self-confidence.

Discovering Love’s Ingredients

Always project a certain aura of mystery about your activities and yourself in general. Even if you’re an extroverted
person, it’s good to make sure that he is always curious
about you.


Try to strike a good balance between being a good conversationalist and being a good listener. Don’t talk about
yourself all the time; ask him about his work and friends
and family. Initiate conversations on topics that will interest you both.


If you are ready to get married and start a family, make
sure you let him know, but don’t come on too strong, and
don’t tell him you want to do it right now, since this will
surely scare him off.


Ask him what his favorite dishes are, since the way to
some Latino hearts is through their stomachs!


Always show kindness and goodwill toward his mother,
especially at the very beginning, since he could have a certain level of Oedipal complex.


Don’t offer unsolicited advice. This may cause him to view
you in a different light or feel competitive toward you.


The Latino man—actually men in general—needs to feel
that you need him. Don’t come off as a charity case, just
as a feminine woman. Let him open doors for you; let
him come to your rescue.


Latino men need a love founded on trust, acceptance, and appreciation. Don’t forget these important points if you really want to
win his heart.

You opened my heart with your touch, and holding me tight,
you discovered my body. Your deep kisses laid my soul bare,
and in that moment, our arms became wings.

In this section, you’ll find the perfect techniques to help you be an
unforgettable lover. From the first touch to the last kiss, you’ll feel
love flowing through you, toward you. I promise that if you faithfully follow all of the steps, your hands, your mouth, and your
personal lovemaking style will leave a permanent impression on
anyone lucky enough to experience the exquisite pleasure of being
in your arms.

Discovering Love’s Ingredients


Using the three pillars of loving contact—the caress, the embrace, and the kiss—you will learn how to get close to your intended
lover from the very first date.
Who doesn’t remember their very first kiss? It’s not hard, no matter how much time has passed. But remembering the very first embrace or caress is more difficult, because somehow they are purer,
more authentic actions.
Love relationships always begin with a sweet caress, that first
touch that electrifies the skin on contact, making the senses soar and
the erogenous zones ignite. Using the right kind of touch from the
very beginning can make the road to sex much easier to navigate.
The first caress, on the hands or lips, can signal the start of a relationship; a soft caress can be the first sign of a reconciliation.
Following the steps contained in this section of The Love Diet,
you will discover the art of touching another person with the softest
caresses and the most intense massages, like a master sculptor who
with his own hands creates a lovely body, infusing it with his own
energy, love, passion, life force, and power.

What are caresses like? They can be innocent, deep, delicious, strong, or
tender; they can be soft strokes of just the fingertips, a massage with special oils, or full contact between two bodies.

Many couples limit themselves to very brief caresses, too fast and
superficial. By constantly going back to the same old caresses, they
grow immune to them and it becomes a monotonous routine, evoking only indifference and possibly boredom. To generate new, exciting emotions, you should explore your partner’s entire body in your
own unique and sensual manner.
I often recommend that long-term, well-established couples no-


The Love Diet

tice the significant difference that exists between directly touching
an erogenous zone, and living and exploring your touch on any part
of your lover’s skin. Touching an erogenous zone, when in the context of a full exploration of the body, is a new, delightful experience.
It’s like discovering a whole new area to caress and stroke—the energy generated by this delightful touch is reminiscent of the first time
the couple was together. Furthermore, this form of touch allows the
couple to explore each other without necessarily having to culminate
in a complete sexual relation. It’s a very delicate way of exploring each
other, getting to know what each partner likes.
A person’s erotic zones cannot be boiled down to just a few areas
of the body. The entire human body can be erotic, and every area can
reach its full potential for erotic pleasure when it is touched in a deep,
sensual way.
The more sincere, complete, and thorough the mutual exploration of the bodies, the richer your love vocabulary will be as a couple.
This manifestation and expression of physical affection is essential to
achieve sexual harmony in any partnership.
Mastering the art of the caress also means learning how to be
caressed, letting your partner explore your body, and learning how to
let your intuition guide your hands to the exact spot your partner
wants you to touch.
When the body experiences true love’s caresses, it comes to life,
becoming an instrument of pure beauty!

Caressing Is Kissing with the Hands
Caressing is one of the primary pathways to awakening and channeling sexual energy. When it is consciously used in all of its subtle
variations, you’ll notice that the hands don’t stop at the fingertips
and the effects of the caress don’t end at the skin’s surface. Our bodies are filled with enormous amounts of energy that we can think of
as the “life force.” Eastern cultures teach that the energy flow of every

Discovering Love’s Ingredients


body can be stimulated and channeled in a conscious way with the
fingers or the palm of the hand.
There are four parts of the hand that transmit different forms of
energy and sensation to the person being touched; you can use them
all when you caress your lover.

The fingertips


The base of the fingers


The palm of the hand


The knuckles

Tantra followers believe that the body’s heat is in fact a vital fire
that burns. As we touch our lover’s body, we can imagine and feel the
burning energy emanating from our hands and fingers, and we can
feel how the fire from our bodies meets and blends with our partner’s
internal fire and energy. Eastern philosophies identify a variety of
different forms of touch.

Static Touch: Perceived through the body’s natural energy.

Exercise: Place your hands on your lover. Keep them
still and consciously direct the energy from your right hand
toward and through your lover, and then consciously accept the energy’s return to you through your left hand. You
can think of static touch as a game of transmitting and receiving the energies created by fusing the energy of your
body with that of your lover’s.

Active Touch: A brief or prolonged contact on the surface

of your lover’s skin.
Exercise: Lightly touch or gently massage your lover’s
body and feel the energy you are transmitting. Use circular

The Love Diet


motions with your hands, or trace triangles or spirals in the
skin. Be aware of how the energy of your hands meets and
blends with the energy of your lover’s body as they become
one unified pleasure force.

Pinches: The sensations produced by pinching or squeez-

ing the flesh can be very pleasurable. You should practice
using brief, simple gestures, all over your partner’s body.
Use a kneading motion and light pinches with your fingertips.
Exercise: Use your thumb and index finger, or try this
exercise using your lips. In both cases, you must exercise
great sensitivity in order to produce the desired effect. Take
hold of an area of your partner’s skin between your fingers, and gently massage that skin with your hands, feeling
how this isolated part generates its own heat and energy.
Do this slowly and carefully so that your partner’s energy
will begin to flow in a concentrated way in that particular

Scratching: Scratching is like caressing but with the fin-

gernails. You spread your fingers apart and, at the same
time, move the fingernails very lightly over the skin. The
person performing this kind of massage shouldn’t leave any
marks without asking his or her partner first. Some people
love this kind of touch. The preferred part of the body for
this kind of massage is the back.
Exercise: Give your partner a deep massage using your
fingertips (but without using your fingernails if your partner doesn’t like it). If you are both open to it, you can incorporate fingernails in the massage, via a very light,
caressing touch. Scratching with the nails helps stimulate
blood flow in that area, heightening sensitivity.

Discovering Love’s Ingredients


Light Slapping and Spanking: Lightly slapping or spank-

ing can quickly incite passion. Some people like their partners to slap them lightly or even more forcefully with their
hands. The gentle violence of this act makes it a particularly thrilling sensation.
Exercise: Some parts of the body are more suited to
receiving slaps and spankings than others—the buttocks in
particular because it’s as if they are naturally protected by a
little layer of pillows. When you use this kind of touch, you
must be very conscious of where your partner draws the
line between pleasure and pain and respect his or her level
of tolerance.
You can combine the different forms of touch or vary them further by doing so in a more forceful or delicate manner. You can start
by attending to the front of the body, stimulating areas that are not
frequently explored. Alternate different styles of touch and adapt
your caresses to what your partner needs and asks from you. The
receiving partner must feel free to set limits in his or her own pleasure
and pain thresholds, and must trust the giver to be respectful of those
Partners must understand their particular role at any given moment, even if they are the receiver. For example, when a man lightly
runs his hand over his lover’s back all the way down to her buttocks
and lightly pinches her there, continuing down to her thighs, using
the lightest possible touch, he must know that he is consciously trying to arouse the woman and awaken her passion, as well as unlock
her sexual energy. But no matter how expert his technique may be, it
doesn’t mean a thing if the receiver is not consciously receiving his
attentions; if her mind is a million miles away, his exquisite caresses
won’t get any results. Ultimately, it’s the mind that touches, and the
mind that is touched. In giving our partners pleasure through our
touch, we also receive the pleasurable effects of it.

The Love Diet


The Secrets to Giving a Professional Massage
To give a professional massage, you must maintain a firm, slow
rhythm, applying sufficient pressure throughout, and make sure your
hands move smoothly over your lover’s body.
Remember to always use a special oil or lotion for the following

Kneading: This is the perfect technique for the more mus-

cular areas of the body like around the hips and thighs. It
consists of lifting, gently squeezing, and rolling the flesh
between the thumb and fingers, alternating between both
hands. You can vary the effect by changing the speed and
intensity of your movements, going slowly and deeply or
more quickly and lightly.

Circular Massage: This is done by forming a semiclosed

fist with the hands, and making small circular movements.
This type of massage feels great on the shoulders, chest,
palms of the hands, and soles of the feet.

Suction Massage: Quick, light movements stimulate and

rejuvenate the skin. Make light contact with the skin, alternating hands, with the thumbs facing inward and the fingers cupped together. When the hands touch the body,
they should make a sound like the uncorking of a bottle.
The receiver of this massage will feel a release of stress and
accumulated tension in the body, as well as a growing erotic
sensation, depending on what part of the body is being

Light Slaps: Vigorous, percussive movements should be

reserved for the very fleshy, muscular parts of the body.
With a closed fist, lightly and quickly hit the back of the

Discovering Love’s Ingredients


hands against the skin, alternating hands. It’s fun to use
this type of movement toward the end of the massage, as it
will get your partner even more aroused.

In this ancient massage method, pressure is applied following the
energy meridians of the body’s organs. The main purpose of this
massage is to release energy that has been blocked because of emotional or physical problems, which have led to sexual dissatisfaction
or a lack of intimacy. The most frequent manifestations of this kind
of energy blockage are impotency or premature ejaculation in men,
or a lack of interest in sex or inability to orgasm in women.
This system is based on manipulating the body’s energy pathways through touch. This massage is meant to awaken feelings of
pleasure, through mental focus and an engaging skin-on-skin “dialogue.” The massage has a revitalizing, energizing effect on the person receiving it, and it will induce a spontaneous, gradual feeling of
relaxation that transcends the body and exerts a powerful effect on
emotional balance.
This massage helps the body process oxygen and eliminate
toxins more efficiently. It also improves mental concentration and
combats fatigue. With repeated practice of this extraordinary massage, we can get to know which of our partner’s erogenous zones need
the most attention, before we progress on to a complete sexual encounter.
It’s important to keep in mind that massages should be performed in a sensual way. Our movements should not feel like a violation or intrusion to our partners. When our lover is obviously stressed
but refuses to acknowledge it, it’s important to perform the massage
very subtly. As the level of intimacy in your relationship grows, your
partner will gradually become more and more receptive to increased
pressure and stimulation.

The Love Diet


The Perfect Lover, the Perfect Massage
Lovingly going over every inch of your lover’s body is one of the most
wonderful shared experiences you can have, and it’s worth the effort
to prepare the appropriate setting. You must alternate giving and receiving massages with your partner. When you are in the moment,
giving pleasure to your partner, you need to completely dedicate
yourself to the task; when you are receiving, you need to be fully
conscious of every single sensation that ripples through your body.

Choose a time of day in which you will not be interrupted, and choose a comfortable place. If you are using a
bed, make sure it’s not too soft, or use the floor with a
layer of pillows.


You can use soft, sensual lighting and play some soft romantic music.


If you are giving the massage, make sure beforehand
that your hands are warm as well as soft and lubricated
with lotion or special massage oil. There are many
different kinds of scented oils available that soften the
skin and heighten the experience with their pleasant
fragrance. Apply a moderate amount of oil to your
hands to rub into your partner’s body while you give the


Depending on your personal likes and dislikes, you and
your partner can experiment with a variety of tactile sensations in the massage, such as tickling each other with
feathers, soft fabrics, or other textures that may generate a
pleasant sensation on your skin.

Discovering Love’s Ingredients
13 Steps to the Perfect Massage

1. Try to make a habit of giving each other massages as often
as possible, setting aside ten minutes to fully explore each
other’s bodies before making love.

2. Before any massage, try to relax as much as possible. Let
go of the stresses and worries of the day.
3. Once you are in a relaxed state of mind, gently run your

hands over your lover’s body using a massage oil or any
other healing tonic (see the chapter on erotic intelligence
on page 69).

4. Connect with your partner through your hands, gaze, and
voice, using soothing, sweet words that will relax him. It’s
also recommended that soft, relaxing music play in the
background. Recordings that have sounds of running water are ideal for this technique.

5. You and your partner should try to synchronize your

breathing until you have established a very slow rhythm
in complete unison.

6. Begin the massage by rubbing the soles of your lover’s

feet, and while applying gentle pressure, move up along
the sides of the legs, then the middle of the legs, always
focusing on slowly moving up the body.

7. When massaging a man, you should use a light touch

as you move up the legs, over the hips, and on to the
pelvic area. If possible, use essential oils when massaging
the area around the testicles. This can highly stimulate your lover if performed with a very soft, gentle



The Love Diet
When coming close to climax, the body extends, the eyes close,
and the breathing pattern changes, generally more rapid. When
a woman wants to be sexually penetrated, her nostrils dilate and
her mouth opens slightly. If she is massaged to orgasm, a woman’s breathing will gently begin to slow down and her eyes may
fixate on her partner, as if inviting him to penetrate her very
depths. Her mouth will salivate and her vulva will pulsate noticeably. She will be very wet.

8. When massaging a woman, gently touch her clitoris as

well as her vaginal lips when you reach the pelvic area.
Remember to be gentle and direct to throw her into waves
of pleasure.

9. Your fingertips and the base of your fingers need to func-

tion as energy radars, ever-vigilant in detecting the slightest sign of pleasure that your partner gives you.

Men’s bodies can be very mysterious. They have exquisitely sensitive areas, especially the back, chest, legs, lips, and base of the
spine. Discover these areas by lightly caressing each part of his
body and remaining very alert to the response each touch elicits
from him.
The greatest of all erogenous zones for men is, of course,
the penis. It’s important to caress it, always remembering to use
lubrication and being very careful and sensitive in your movements. Start at the base and use a spiraling motion as you make
your way to the tip.

Discovering Love’s Ingredients

10. Continue the massage around the belly and the groin.
11. Using just your fingertips, caress your lover’s torso all

along his sides in a spiral motion until reaching the chest.
This area of the body is particularly sensitive for both
women and men. Trace increasingly smaller circles around
the nipples until you come to touch them directly.

12. If at this point in the massage the contact has not become

overtly sexual, you can go back to massaging your partner’s
back. You can focus on the spine and move all the way up
the backbone, from the base of the spine to the neck.

13. Last but not least, it’s important to stimulate the ears—

especially the earlobes—with a light touch from the inside
out, since they ultimately represent all other body organs.
Move on to massage the scalp, and as a finishing touch,
lightly massage the face, like a gentle caress, ascending toward the forehead.

Women have a variety of erogenous zones, including the face,
mouth, hair, neck, breasts, belly, hips, base of the spine, back,
waist, thighs, feet, and heels.
During the sex act, you can practice an internal massage. As
its name implies, an internal massage consists of caressing the
inside of the vagina very lightly with your fingers before penetration. You can accompany penetration also by inserting a few fingers into the vagina, causing the woman to have exquisitely high
levels of arousal.
During penetration, it is possible to caress the vagina while
you are inside her: extend your fingers and relax them, as if you
were kissing her from the inside. This creates a wonderfully sensual feeling. You can also do this technique in the anus, providing
a different but equally pleasurable sensation.



The Love Diet

The dazzling hug diet is terrific because the act of hugging transfers
energy and generates positive emotional stimulation, resulting in
happiness. Physical contact and stimulation are absolutely necessary
for our overall well-being. Hugging a person by wrapping one’s arms
around the other’s neck or waist or touching faces cheek to cheek is
without a doubt one of the most common demonstrations of affection. The most common hug of true friendship or deep affection is
with arms around the neck or waist and faces touching cheek to
Many scientific and psychological studies have shown that for
premature babies, a small hug can help them grow stronger; physical
contact has a positive effect on children’s development, emotionally
and even intellectually.

Four hugs are needed every day for basic sustenance.
Eight hugs are necessary to stay in good shape.
Twelve will help you grow as a loving being.
Fifteen help strengthen our bodies’ defense
Twenty guarantee happiness.
Twenty-five will conquer any negative emotion.
Thirty will make you glow.
Forty will ensure success in everything you do.

Discovering Love’s Ingredients


For the elderly, hugs help ward off feelings of isolation. Because
of the emotional ups and downs that we inevitably experience after a
certain age, we need to get our recommended daily allowance of
hugs, without exception.

An Exercise : Stay in Shape with the Hug Diet
Make a list of the most important hugs you’ve ever experienced in
your life, and write a few lines about each one. Looking back on
those special hugs will make you so happy, you’ll start a new list of
people you’d like to hug right now, with a description of how you’d
like to hug them.
If you can give forty hugs a day, you’ll definitely feel very successful, but the most important thing to remember is that you will have
inspired happiness in every person you hugged—hugs are contagious
that way.
Hugs come in many different flavors, and each one says something different. For example, there’s the fraternal hug, the friendly
hug, the loving hug, the sexual hug, and many more. There are many
possible ways for two bodies to intertwine arms and even legs, but
there’s always room for invention. Just remember the main objective
for each of your daily hugs.

Sexy Hugs
Practicing the art of the embrace is an important part of any sexual
encounter. The sexy hug lets us feel the other’s body, and fuse with it.
The routine of everyday life can often make us lose sight of how important it really is to feel that we are part of a couple, not only in
terms of having a sexual companion but also on a personal, friendship level. There are different types of sexy hugs.
Light Hug: When the couple hugs naturally. This is the hug that is

typically used in greeting, a prelude to a kiss, or a follow-up to a kiss.

The Love Diet


Can be used to offer an enthusiastic greeting
Helps overcome fear and worry
Awakens the senses
Strengthens self-esteem
Aids in reconciliation attempts
Dissipates tension and nervousness
Affirms the other, helping us open up to love
Fills the empty spaces in our lives
Lifts us from monotony or stress
Puts an end to depression
Increases one’s desire to live
Cures shyness
Acts as a sexual stimulant
Heightens sex appeal
Helps us feel loved and appreciated

Forceful Hug: When one person forcefully pushes the other against

a wall while they embrace.
Rubbing Hug: When the two lovers rub their bodies against each

Hug with Penetration: When a man is sitting or standing while

the woman is in front of him. She leans against him and sits over

Discovering Love’s Ingredients


him, touching her breasts to his chest, allowing him to slowly penetrate her.
Reptilian Hug: When a woman embraces a man in bed as a reptile

would climb a tree, with a desire to kiss his masculine member.
Total Hug: When two lovers lie in bed and hug each other so tightly

that their arms and legs are completely wrapped around each other.
The Bear Hug: The man sits on the edge of the bed and the woman

descends onto his penis, sitting on her partner’s lap and completing
penetration—rapidly if following a prolonged foreplay session, or
slowly if just starting. Then the man embraces the woman, placing
his legs around her waist, pulling her to him so that their sexual
union and climax is as close and intense as possible. This is one of the
most erotic hugs of all.
Practice the hug diet, and soon you’ll feel so happy that you’ll
gratefully hold this book close to your heart for the rest of your life!

A kiss given lovingly can light up a human being from the inside, generating
tenderness and shining with a glow of all the colors of the rainbow.

What can one say about the kiss that millions of poets, artists, and
singers haven’t already expressed? In Spanish, the word for kiss, beso,
comes from the Latin basium, meaning to touch something with the
lips, contracting and dilating them softly, to show love, friendship, or
reverence. In English, kiss comes from the German kuss, and it’s believed that the word was inspired by the sound made by an actual
Kissing is the universal manifestation of the affection that humans feel; it is an expression of eroticism in all cultures. Aside from
the passion or emotion that comes with it, all of the senses combine


The Love Diet

in a kiss. If every sense by itself is capable of eliciting a strong emotional response, all of the senses in action at once can send us soaring
to the heavens.
The kiss diet can make a world of difference in a romantic relationship. Follow all the instructions in this section carefully and recommend it to your friends. You’ll contribute to a happier, more loving
world, full of kisses!

The First Kiss
A kiss is often the first overtly sexual contact we have with a new
partner. And this first contact can be crucial. Depending on how it
goes, we can use it to decide whether there will even be a next date.
Maybe women place more importance on the first kiss than men
do—but maybe not. What was your first kiss like?
I remember my very first kiss as if it were yesterday, although it
happened many years ago when I was almost thirteen years old. My
first kiss was at a birthday party for one of my friends, and the boy
I kissed was my friend’s cousin. He was about fifteen years old and I
thought he was very handsome. His name was Hector, and I think I
must have really liked him because I remember watching him ride
around the neighborhood on his bicycle. At the party, he asked me to
dance to a few rock songs before he asked me to slow-dance, and then
he pulled me close to him.
After that first slow dance, we went to another room in the
house where it was quiet and we could be alone. He held me tight
and gently kissed me on the lips. I felt like I was flying; my body
seemed to float right up off the floor! While Hector kissed me, I
literally started to see little stars dancing before my eyes, and my
body still seemed to be hovering in midair. My level of consciousness had altered and expanded, and I had entered a new, magical,
dreamy world. I’ve since experienced this state of awareness while
meditating or through guided visualizations with brilliant instruc-

Discovering Love’s Ingredients


tors I’ve been fortunate enough to meet. It was almost a divine experience.
That day, with that kiss, I discovered the most beautiful feeling
in the world: It was love.
Even though I’m now happily married and very much in love
with my husband, I will never forget that incredibly beautiful, very
pure first kiss.

Kissing Techniques
The first kiss isn’t always magical—for many people it can be downright stressful, especially for people who are very shy and tend to fear
Kissing is by definition the expression of a feeling, and from the
very first time we kiss in a totally intuitive way, since it’s hardly something that’s taught in school. But while still following our intuition
and respecting our feelings, there are a few effective techniques that
we can keep in mind to further enhance the experience.
Anybody can easily tell the difference between two sets of lips
making superficial, meaningless contact and two mouths enraptured
in a deep, passionate kiss. There are some women, especially those
who practice Tantra, who can become aroused enough to reach orgasm through kissing alone—when it’s the right kind of kiss.
Since the mouth, lips, and tongue can move completely voluntarily—while on the other hand, the genital organs of both genders
move involuntarily—there are various techniques that we can practice to release sexual and spiritual energies through controlling the
muscles we use to kiss.


The Love Diet

The Daily Kiss Diet
Here is a list of kisses that you can practice every day of the month.
The Make-up Kiss: This is when the man presses his lips to his part-

ner’s until her anger subsides.
The Mysterious Kiss: The woman kisses the man in a fit of passion.

She covers his eyes and closes her own. She then gently slides her
tongue in his mouth and moves it from side to side.
The Upper Lip Kiss: Overcome with desire, the woman gently bites

on the man’s lower lip while he takes her upper lip gently between his
teeth, and they both nibble on each other.
Little Sugar Kiss: The woman takes her partner’s lips between her

fingers, runs her tongue over them, and lightly bites them.
The Treasure Hunt Kiss: The man kisses the inside of the woman’s

mouth, exploring it with his tongue, and then she does the same
for him.
The Playful Kiss: One partner teases the other by quickly pressing

his lips to hers, and then pulls them back and does it again, unexpectedly. After playing like this, he gives his lover a full, passionate
The Wake-up Kiss: When one partner has been away on a trip and

comes home to find his or her beloved asleep in bed. The returning
partner kisses the other softly at first and then increases the pressure
until he or she wakes up.
A Subtle Kiss: When both partners simply bring their lips together

The Vacuum Kiss: The woman takes the man’s lower lip between

her lips and draws it into her mouth while he sucks on her upper

Discovering Love’s Ingredients


The Penetrating Kiss: The woman touches her man’s lips with her

tongue and closes her eyes. She then places her hand on his temple
and thrusts her tongue into her partner’s mouth, and vice versa.
The Black Kiss: The delicious kiss in which a woman kisses the area

around her man’s anus, and vice versa.
The Desperate Kiss: When the woman or the man, overcome with

desire, kisses every inch of his or her partner’s body.
The Pressure Kiss: One lover forcefully presses his or her lips against

the partner’s lower lip, then the partner responds to it.
The Magic Kiss: The woman or the man caresses the partner’s lips

with the index finger and kisses and penetrates the mouth with the
tongue at the same time, still using the finger to caress around the
lips, like a magic wand.
The Lizard Kiss: The lovers thrust their tongues into each other’s

mouths simultaneously, caressing from the teeth to the roof of the
The Kiss Addict: The couple engages in a kiss and keeps on walking

or doing something else as their lips stay locked together.
The Elephant Kiss: Both partners push their lips out as much as pos-

sible and offer a kiss in this position.
The Distracted Kiss: While one lover is distracted, the other comes

cheek to cheek. The distracted partner thinks this is the extent of
the contact, but then the lover who approached surprises the partner
with an intense, passionate kiss, watching the lover’s face light up
with desire.
The Forever Kiss: The lovers hug each other close, caressing each

other tenderly for a long time, then, surrendering to passion, engage
in a very long, continuous kiss for at least ten or fifteen minutes.


The Love Diet

The Little Bird Kiss: A short, quick kiss, like a bird taking a peck

and quickly flying away.
The Love-Bite Kiss: Little love-bites can be very stimulating when

used in moderation. When the woman kisses the man, he playfully
bites her lips, or vice versa.
The Sadomasochistic Kiss: One of the lovers forcefully licks his or

her lover’s lips or other body part, and then they reverse roles.
The Kiss Fetish: One of the lovers kisses the partner all over only

on the parts of the body that are covered—the shoes, the socks, the
shirt, the pants, the hair—but never on exposed skin. The partner
being kissed must beg for a kiss directly on the lips.
The Naked Kiss: One partner promises to take off an article of cloth-

ing if the partner kisses him or her, until they are naked. The other
lover can do the same to balance the situation.
The Erection Kiss: This is a very slow, deliberate, sensual, incredibly

passionate kiss that a woman gives a man, starting at his ear, dropping to his neck, and then landing on his mouth. Can you imagine
the results?
The Slow-Motion Kiss: One lover kisses the other lover’s body, very

slowly and deliberately.
The Juicy Kiss: The couple passes their favorite beverage back and

forth from one mouth to the other as they kiss.
The Kamasutra Kiss: Choose a different position of the Kamasutra

for each day, and kiss each other all over while in that position.
The Chef’s Kiss: The couple pretends to be cooking up a special

gourmet dish and place different delicious ingredients on each other’s
bodies, to be nibbled, sucked, and licked off.

Discovering Love’s Ingredients


The Good-bye Kiss: The couple pretends that one partner is about

to go away for a very, very long time, and they kiss each other as if it
may be the last time.
The Musical Kiss: The couple makes a game of seeing who can make

the loudest, craziest noise during the kiss game.
Helpful Hints for Kissing
1. F R E S H B R E ATH

Make sure your breath is fresh, especially if you smoke, since kissing
should be a refreshing, clean sensation, provoking happiness and excitement. When bad breath is a constant, the other partner can lose
interest in kissing. To make sure your breath is always fresh and irresistible, you can drink mint tea: It counteracts the bacterial agents
that cause bad breath. Use an infusion of one teaspoon of dried mint
per glass of water, and drink three or four glasses of tea per day.
You can also make an infusion with any of the following herbs:

Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus): This plant is rich in

antibacterial elements, and it can be used as a mouthwash.
Dissolve two or three eucalyptus leaves in an infusion in a
glass of water, preferably water that has been boiled but
has cooled.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis): This has the same

properties as eucalyptus, and it can be used in the same
way: Make an infusion with cooled boiled water and
dried flowers.

It’s very important to make sure you swallow just before you kiss. Wet
kisses can be nice, but when there is an overly abundant flow of saliva,
the exchange of fluids can be utterly unpleasant for your partner.

The Love Diet



The muscles in the face need to be exercised to be fully expressive and
to help maintain a sexy, sensual mouth. To keep these muscles in
shape, you should perform a daily series of self-massages on the face
to improve elasticity. These techniques should be used by women
who still have relatively firm skin. To give your facial muscles a workout, smile from ear to ear, then frown and wiggle