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Caught in the Cross Fire


A relaxing vacation in the South of France has turned into a life-threatening adventure. With the KGB hot on their trail, Penny, Mark, and David are desperately trying to determine the significance of a mysterious letter found in Penny's camera case.

The danger and suspense continue when the three teens decide to explore a narrow tunnel in the rock at the beach and find themselves trapped in a hidden cove with drug smugglers. Meanwhile, two rival gangs in speedboats, armed men in a helicopter, and four KGB agents are all converging on the shore.

With their hearts pounding in the darkness of their hiding place, Mark, Penny, and David dare not move or make a sound. Will they find the courage to make a run for it? Will the get caught in the middle of the conflict?

A first-class adventure the whole family will enjoy!

Focus on the Family Pub
ISBN 13:
A Daring Adventure #4
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