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Ambushed in Africa


The first book in the exciting Daring Adventures series!

No sooner does David arrive in Africa than Mr. Jim Daring spots Hoffmann and Walther, two former agents of the dreaded East German secret police. He has been warned that the diabolic duo are preying on various mining companies, and he makes sure to point them out to the teens. David, Mark and Penny, expecting a peaceful summer, soon plunge into dangers of every kind! The three teens must make us of the varied skills they possess, piloting and martial arts to name a few, in order to overcome ambushes, crocodiles, corporate spies, and, of course, the deadly menace of Hoffmann and his gang who are determined to get the mining rights at any cost.

Newly revised and updated for a new generation of readers.

Thomas Nelson
ISBN 13:
A Daring Adventure #1
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