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Saints, Signs and Symbols

I was looking for a book of the whole area of Christian symbols, and this book covers a good section of it (though not as exhaustive as I need). There are 31 pages of about four entries per page showing in black and white line drawing the emblems of saints and also a brief paragraph identifying the saint and significance of the parts of the emblem. There are only seven pages of symbols for God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus, with many more symbols and much less background info. Five pages of crosses with names only, and four pages of 32 plants and their symbolism. All of this is rather impressive, however I am frustrated with the five pages of Old Testament Symbols that have no explaination. All-in-all, if you want lots of saints' emblems this is the book for you, and if you were looking for what I was, this is a great starting point. There is no formal bibliography, but there is a list of sources used in the acknowledgments.
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