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Oracle Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Solutions

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Up-to-date, comprehensive coverage of the Oracle database and business intelligence tools
Written by a team of Oracle insiders, this authoritative book provides you with the most current coverage of the Oracle data warehousing platform as well as the full suite of business intelligence tools. You'll learn how to leverage Oracle features and how those features can be used to provide solutions to a variety of needs and demands. Plus, you'll get valuable tips and insight based on the authors' real-world experiences and their own implementations. Avoid many common pitfalls while learning best practices for:
Leveraging Oracle technologies to design, build, and manage data warehouses
Integrating specific database and business intelligence solutions from other vendors
Using the new suite of Oracle business intelligence tools to analyze data for marketing, sales, and more
Handling typical data warehouse performance challenges
Uncovering initiatives by your business community, security business sponsorship, project staffing, and managing risk
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