Main Tantra - The Mystical 7 chakras Volume 2

Tantra - The Mystical 7 chakras Volume 2

TANTRA The Mystical 7 Chakras VOLUME 2 - In this book i described about upper three chakras CROWN CHAKRA, THIRD EYE CHAKRA, THROAT CHAKRA t based on my own individual experience,research and knowledge and detail explanation about METHODS OF AWAKENING CHAKRA- 1-MANTRA MEDIATION, 2- YANTRA MEDIATION, 3 -YOGIC MUDRA AND ASAN, 4-METHOD OF VISUALIZATION, 5-GEMSTONE AND CRYSTAL MEDIATION, 6 -FREQUENCY MEDIATION. CROWN CHAKRA gives direct connection to greater world/higher dimensions, THIRD EYE linked with unconditional TRUTH, THROAT CHAKRA linked with the power of silent words/communication and self expression . in this book i explain about mystical diagram of TANTRA detail description and also explain EYE OF HORUS,DMT (SPIRIT MOLECULE) in chapter of THIRD EYE CHAKRA, Details explanation about spiritual powers of crown chakra, third eye chakra and throat chakra and sign and symptoms of awakening chakras like physical,mental,emotional symptom "how you know this chakra is awaken?"&blockages of chakras.
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