Main Erosion and Sedimentation Manual

Erosion and Sedimentation Manual

Surface erosion, sediment transport, scour, and deposition have been the subjects of study by engineers and geologists for centuries, due to their importance to economic and cultural development. Most ancient civilizations existed along rivers in order to use the water supply for irrigation and navigation. All rivers carry sediments, due to surface erosion from watersheds and bank erosion along the river. Our understanding of the dynamic equilibrium between sediment supply from upstream and a river's sediment transport capability is important to the success of river engineering design, operation, and maintenance.

The objectives of writing this manual are twofold: to summarize the experience and knowledge of the Sedimentation and River Hydraulics Group, and to share with the public what they have learned and used in solving erosion and sedimentation problems. The Erosion and Sedimentation Manual is intended for engineers with basic background and knowledge in open channel hydraulics, sediment transport, and river morphology. The manual can also be used as a reference book for university professors, graduate students, and researchers for solving practical engineering problems. 

Bureau of Reclamation Technical Service Center
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