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Book cover School of Rebirth and Reincarnation: Full Occult Trilogy Box Set

School of Rebirth and Reincarnation: Full Occult Trilogy Box Set

Can dead spirits learn how to live again? This is the story of a man named Noah. He dies in the first chapter. And that's where his story begins. Follow Noah's childlike spirit through the School of Rebirth and Reincarnation as he attends occult classes, haunts the living, and learns how to be reborn. All who enter the school must learn from their previous lives to guide who they will become. Do you want to be reborn as a new child? Or would you rather possess a living human and live their life? Or live again as an animal, or a demon, or linger on as one of the undead? The road from death is more dangerous than it seems, and even the dead must fear what scheming plots the Trans Dimensional Department really have in store for them. 

Fans of the supernatural, the surreal, and the macabre will love the terrifying mysteries waiting for them on the other side. Special Edition Includes the Full Trilogy:

1# The Road From Death
Has anyone ever told you that you can rest when you’re dead? They were lying. Dead souls still have one final job to do: they must learn to live again. And there’s no better place to do that than 'The Mortuary, the School of Rebirth and Reincarnation.' There are many different ways to walk the road from death. You can study necromancy and learn to possess a living human, be reborn as a new child, or even animate yourself into the Undead. Others prefer to connect with nature in their Transhumanism classes to discover their spirit animal which will guide them into a wild new life. There are even those who favor Demonology, the foul practice of summoning from the Netherworld. Stranger still are those who don’t mind shedding the constraints of mortality to be born again amidst those monstrous ranks. All who enter the Mortuary must search their past lives for meaning in order to guide who they will become.

2# The Soul Net
Being dead is just a phase. You'll get over it when you're older. Demons aren't just mischievous pets anymore. Banished from the spirit world, these monsters have begun a mysterious rampage to slaughter the living. Noah has entered the second year of his study at the School of Rebirth and Reincarnation, but he's further than ever from coming back to life. The promise of resurrection was too good to be true, and it's up to him and his band of friends to destroy the Soul Net and open the way for spirits to live again. Will Noah side with the demons and summon the Soul Eater, or will he aid the Matriarch in her rise to power? Will he protect his family, or will he let their spirits be recruited into the brewing war? Will he face the horror of his previous lives, or will he start again and choose his own destiny? It's impossible to know who to trust in these macabre worlds, and one wrong choice will destroy the balance of life and death forever.

3# Netherworld
The sun is glorious to the living. The spreading leaf and the growing stem are helpless but to worship the celestial fire, and so too must all the animals be thankful for consuming such bounty. Even the creatures who dwell in the dark and quiet places below the sea must pay their respects for belonging to the same web of life. The undead do not go to the same parties. It isn’t the heat—although it’s no secret that zombies are quick to burn and slow to forgive—but the light which wearies the spirit thin. Perhaps it is the brilliance, perhaps because it dries the bones, or perhaps it is the burden of remembering the dear life they’ve left behind. With this curse they must endure, until the day they are ready to walk the road from death. They must pass through this place without sun or moon or stars, their empty presence replaced by the looming shades of demonic horrors which fill the sky like constellations.

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