Main Palladacycles: Catalysis and Beyond

Palladacycles: Catalysis and Beyond

Palladacycles: Catalysis and Beyond provides an overview of recent research in palladacycles in catalysis for cross-coupling and similar reactions. In the quest for developing highly efficient and robust palladium-based catalysts for C-C bond formation via cross-coupling reactions, palladacycles have played a significant role. In recent years, they have found a wide variety of applications, ranging from catalysts for cross-coupling and related reactions, to their more recent application as anticancer agents. This book explores early examples of the use of palladacyclic complexes in catalysis employing azobenzene and hydrazobenzene as coordinating ligands. Its applications in processes such as selective reduction of alkenes, alkynes, or nitroalkanes are also covered.

Palladacycles: Catalysis and Beyond reveals the tremendous advances that have taken place in the potential applications of palladacycles as versatile catalysts in academia and industry. It is a valuable resource for synthetic chemists, organometallic chemists, and chemical biologists.
Year: 2019
Publisher: Elsevier
Language: english
Pages: 413
ISBN 13: 9780128155059
File: PDF, 37.01 MB
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