Main Network Flow Algorithms

Network Flow Algorithms

Network flow theory has been used across a number of disciplines, including theoretical computer science, operations research, and discrete math, to model not only problems in the transportation of goods and information, but also a wide range of applications from image segmentation problems in computer vision to deciding when a baseball team has been eliminated from contention. This graduate text and reference presents a succinct, unified view of a wide variety of efficient combinatorial algorithms for network flow problems, including many results not found in other books. It covers maximum flows, minimum-cost flows, generalized flows, multicommodity flows, and global minimum cuts and also presents recent work on computing electrical flows along with recent applications of these flows to classical problems in network flow theory.
• Presents results in the area from a modern computer science algorithms outlook
• Contains several key algorithms not previously treated in book form, including new algorithms on electrical flow
• Includes fifty-five end-of-chapter exercises which provide applications and additional algorithms to analyze
Year: 2019
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Pages: 328
ISBN 10: 1316952894
ISBN 13: 9781316952894
File: PDF, 2.77 MB
Download (pdf, 2.77 MB)
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