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To Ruin a Rogue

Waking up in bed with a stranger is not part of Isla's plans. Especially considering that stranger claims to be a pirate from the Eighteenth Century and she's in nothing but her starkies. Isla Barnes hates love, marriage, and commitment. As a Millennial in her twenties, she's focused on starting her criminal journalism career, finally living on her own in an expensive apartment in Los Angeles, and having fun with cute guys. After a chance encounter with a psychic at a bachelorette party with her closest friends, she wakes up in nothing but her party dress to an unfamiliar bedroom next to a man claiming to be a pirate from the Eighteenth Century. While she attempts to figure out where she is and why she's here with him, her new companion, Captain Matt Scott of the Crimson Wave, is on a mission to rescue his sister from the hangman's noose. Isla decides to tag along because he offers her free passage and she finds she feels safe with him - which is odd, considering the only man she trusts is her father. After rescuing Matt's sister, Sarah, they hole up in her brothel until things die down. When one of the brothel's employees is murdered, Isla offers to solve the murder using her knowledge from the future as a way to distract herself from her growing feelings for the pirate captain. But when the murderer turns their attention to Isla, time is running out to discover who it is before she becomes the latest victim.
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