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White Rain

Where the Hell is Max Bowman?” That’s what people have been asking for almost a year. What no one knows is Max has been locked away in the Community — a “retirement” home for former CIA spooks with secrets too scary to share with the world. But, after engineering a daring and almost deadly escape, Max is back — or, at least, what’s left of him. He’s lost his love, his home, his money and most of his memories, while being haunted by a Russian Rat Pack that’s out to kill him, a talking dog puppet that barks out apocalyptic warnings and a crooked lobbyist whose menace is almost as big as his stomach. And then there’s the matter of Max’s dad — the man Max wants to make sure is dead. Evil is pouring down in White Rain, the final chapter — and the final reckoning — in the Max Bowman saga.
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