Main Market Design: A Linear Programming Approach to Auctions and Matching

Market Design: A Linear Programming Approach to Auctions and Matching

This textbook is intended to provide a one-semester course on market design. I am pri-
marily targeting students with a background in computer science, information systems,
mathematics, and management science. Hence, I will first introduce in Part I necessary
concepts from game theory and mechanism design, as these students typically have not
had the respective introductory courses. Parts II and III cover material which is more
recent and is often not covered in microeconomics.
One prerequisite for this book is a familiarity with linear and integer linear program-
ming and an introductory course in calculus and probability theory. There are many
introductory textbooks on these subjects which would provide an excellent start for the
topics discussed throughout this book. The appendices summarize important results
from mathematical optimization and should serve as a convenient reference for the
reader and a brief introduction for those who have not studied the respective courses.
Categories: Mathematics
Year: 2018
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Pages: 296
ISBN 13: 978-1-107-17318-7
File: PDF, 3.67 MB
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