Main Introduction to Modeling in Physiology and Medicine

Introduction to Modeling in Physiology and Medicine

A number of changes have been introduced in this second edition. First, clearer guidance is
provided regarding the mathematical prerequisites in order to achieve the maximum benefit
from the material, particularly in the later chapters. The basic structure of the book remains
unchanged, while a number of the chapters providing details of the basic approaches to
modeling have been enhanced. In the light of developments over recent years, the range of
case study material included in this book has been substantially increased, including two
new extensive examples drawn from recent research experience.
Our thanks go to Martina Negretto for assistance with preparation of the manuscript.
We would also like to thank members of the Elsevier team who have encouraged and
helped us in bringing this second edition into fruition, particularly Leticia Lima and Mara
Categories: Mathematics
Year: 2019
Edition: 2
Publisher: Academic Press
Pages: 372
ISBN 13: 978-0-12-815756-5
File: PDF, 22.86 MB
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