Main Electrons in Solids: Mesoscopics, Photonics, Quantum Computing, Correlations, Topology

Electrons in Solids: Mesoscopics, Photonics, Quantum Computing, Correlations, Topology

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Cutting edge research in modern solid state physics is characterized on the one hand
by highly complex systems with various interactions between quasi-particles. In this
context, also a novel characterizationscheme, that of topology, has entered solid state
physics and allows new insights into the description of quantum materials. On the
other hand, there is a strong tendency to trace back solid state phenomena and sys-
tems to their quantum physical basis, where phase coherence, wave function inter-
ference, superposition and entanglement play an essential role. This is particularly
evident in research on quantum transport in nanostructures or in quantum engineer-
ing, where solid state nanosystems are studied with respect to quantum information
or sensor applications. These topics usually go beyond the content of standard courses
and textbooks in solid state physics. My physics colleagues at the RWTH Aachen Uni-
versity, therefore, have established an advanced course on top of the basic solid state
physics lectures, where master and PhD students are exposed to these important fields
of modern research. The present textbook based on this advanced course provides
some topics which have exemplary character and are paradigmatic for this kind of
latest current research in solid state physics. From a deeper understanding of these
examples other fields of modern research are also easily accessible.
I therefore recommend the book to all those who want to dive deeper into this
fascinating field of modern solid state physics, to master and PhD students, but also
to scientists starting a new research field and who want to learn some essentials in a
reasonably short time. I wish the book much success since it promotes our beautiful
Year: 2019
Publisher: De Gruyter
Language: english
Pages: 408
ISBN 13: 978-3-11-043831-4
Series: Graduate Texts in Condensed Matter
File: PDF, 10.47 MB
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