Main Crystal Optics: Properties and Applications

Crystal Optics: Properties and Applications

This book deals with the basic physical properties and applications of photo-elastic, acousto-optic, magneto-optic, electro-optic, and photorefractive materials. It also provides up-to-date information on the design and applications of various optoelectronic devices based on these materials.

The first chapter of Crystal Optics: Properties and Applications covers the basic concepts of crystal optics, such as index ellipsoid or optical indicatrix, crystal symmetry, wave surface, birefringence, and the polarization of light. Chapter 2 reviews the physical phenomena of crystal optics in isotropic and crystalline materials. It describes in detail research information on modern photoelastic materials and reviews the up-to-date photoelastic device applications. Chapter 3 develops the underlying theory of acousto-optics from first principles, formulating results suitable for subsequent calculations and design. The fourth chapter describes the basic principles of magneto-optic effects and mode of interaction with magnetic materials. The fifth chapter provides an understanding of the physical phenomenon of the linear and quadratic electro-optic effects in isotropic and crystalline materials. The last chapter collects many of the most important recent developments in photorefractive effects and materials, and pays special attention to recent scientific findings and advances on photorefractive materials and devices.
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