Main Current Interruption Transients Calculation

Current Interruption Transients Calculation

The intent of this second edition is to improve on the first edition content by way of changes
to and rearranging the original text as well as the addition of new material. The changes
include: a common first-pole-to-clear calculation for both effectively and non-effectively
earthed systems; series reactor application is covered in much more depth; short-line fault
transient recovery voltage (TRV) derivation and capacitive current recovery voltage calcu-
lation have been expanded to provide better understanding; and the derivation and use of
a generic TRV equation for shunt reactor switching. There are two major additions: the
calculation of generator circuit breaker TRVs in Appendix G replacing the former small
capacitive current switching content which has now moved to Chapter 7; and, as requested
by many, key calculation examples on the use of Excel for plotting TRV equations in
Appendix I.
I am grateful to all those who provided comments, criticism, ideas, and suggestions, most
of which have been adopted. Once again, I am greatly indebted to Sandra Giasson for her
patient and diligent word processing of the text.
Year: 2020
Edition: 2
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press
Language: english
Pages: 283
ISBN 13: 9781119547211
File: PDF, 15.40 MB
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