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Surrender the Fear

A female equalizer. A young runaway. A ruthless rabbit hole of corruption. Ex-CIA agent Nola James is determined to get justice for those the police ignore. So when a poor, straight-A student goes missing in a small town outside Atlanta, Nola vows to bring her home. But in a case that already cuts close to her own wounded heart, she discovers the teenager is only the latest girl to vanish into gangland vice. Fearing for the naive victims, Nola channels her boiling rage into working alone. But as she pushes further into a shadowy conspiracy, even her lethal fists and deadly marksmanship may not be enough to save innocent lives. Can Nola free the captives before she is silenced? Surrender the Fear is the haunting first book in the Nola James crime fiction series. If you like powerful women, vigilante enforcement, and brutal hand-to-hand combat, then you’ll love R.D. Brady’s dark mystery.
Language: english
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