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Why She Ran

When young, pretty nurse Rachel McDermott is found murdered in the harsh lights of the hospital kitchen where she works, her mother can’t accept the news, and the small Irish town of Corbally reels in disbelief. Rushing to the scene, Detective Iris Locke vows to find the sick killer, whatever it takes. Iris quickly discovers Rachel’s friend, Eleanor Marshall, was spotted fleeing the scene of the crime, and sends a search party to the icy-cold woods near the Comeragh mountains. All the evidence points to Eleanor, but Iris feels drawn to descriptions of this sweet but troubled young woman, estranged from her family, and can’t shake the feeling Eleanor shouldn’t be a suspect. But then Eleanor’s sister is found dead in the area Eleanor is hiding. Desperate to find the truth, Iris works round the clock to uncover the strange, shadowy figure Rachel met the night before she died, and is convinced she must get to Eleanor before the killer finds her. But as she sets out for the woods alone, what if it’s Iris whose life is in terrible danger?
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