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Are you afraid of the dark, Christina? I don't need the lights on to read you like a book. The first time I meet the wolf’s cold eyes, we’re at a college party. Maybe you like the dark more than you think. I just quit the cheer squad. I’m about to dump my musician boyfriend. I’m partying harder than ever. I let money run through my fingers because I’m done reaching for standards I’ll never meet. Soon, I’m broke. And I don’t want anyone to know. The more you hide your true self, the more you’re going to let it out with me. I'm bubbly and outgoing. He's icy and alone. I stay away. I touch myself, thinking of him. When I finally seek out Patrick Caruthers, he has a proposition. Mind games. Humiliation. Control. Schedules. Him. Me. I think you’re going to be the perfect playmate. I'm not perfect. I'm not stunning or noble. I’m not a heroine. You’re priceless. I'm just a girl . . . You were made for me. And he’s a cold bastard Who is paying me for sex.
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Snow Blind

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