Main Cognitive Foundations for Improving Mathematical Learning

Cognitive Foundations for Improving Mathematical Learning

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With Cognitive Foundations for Improving Mathematical Learning,weclosea
five-volume journey through the evolution and early development of number
competencies (Volume 1); the brain and genetic foundations for these and more
complex abilities (Volume 2); the cognitive bases for the learning of evolu-
tionarily novel mathematics, from arithmetic to trigonometry (Volume 3); the
influences of language and culture on mathematical learning and cognition
(Volume 4); and now formal and informal instructional approaches for improv-
ing children’s mathematics learning (Volume 5). With this final volume, we see
clear links between topics and discoveries covered in previous volumes and the
development of intervention approaches. These include interventions focused
on the relation between our evolved number sense and children’s early math
learning; the influence of home, family, and mathematical language on early
math learning; and the integration of cognitive science approaches to mathe-
matical learning into educational interventions. These represent an exciting step
forward and a much needed conciliation between basic research in mathemati-
cal cognition and mathematics education interventions that we hope will con-
tinue well beyond the publication of this volume.
Categories: Mathematics
Volume: 5
Year: 2019
Publisher: Academic Press
Language: english
Pages: 369
ISBN 13: 978-0-12-815952-1
Series: Mathematical Cognition and Learning
File: PDF, 9.70 MB
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