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An Anthology of Visual Double Stars

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Modern telescopes of even modest aperture can show thousands of double stars. Many are faint and unremarkable but hundreds are worth searching out. Veteran double-star observer Bob Argyle and his co-authors take a close-up look at their selection of 175 of the night sky's most interesting double and multiple stars. The history of each system is laid out from the original discovery to what we know at the present time about the stars. Wide-field finder charts are presented for each system along with plots of the apparent orbits and predicted future positions for the orbital systems. Recent measurements of each system are included which will help you to decide whether they can be seen in your telescope, as well as giving advice on the aperture needed. Double star observers of all levels of experience will treasure the level of detail in this guide to these jewels of the night sky.
Categories: Physics\\Astronomy
Year: 2019
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Language: english
Pages: 485
ISBN 13: 9781316823163
File: PDF, 69.29 MB
Download (pdf, 69.29 MB)
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