Main Becoming Metric-Wise: A Bibliometric Guide for Researchers

Becoming Metric-Wise: A Bibliometric Guide for Researchers

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Becoming Metric-Wise: A Bibliometric Guide for Researchers aims to inform researchers about metrics so that they become aware of the evaluative techniques being applied to their scientific output. Understanding these concepts will help them during their funding initiatives, and in hiring and tenure. The book not only describes what indicators do (or are designed to do, which is not always the same thing), but also gives precise mathematical formulae so that indicators can be properly understood and evaluated. Metrics have become a critical issue in science, with widespread international discussion taking place on the subject across scientific journals and organizations.

As researchers should know the publication-citation context, the mathematical formulae of indicators being used by evaluating committees and their consequences, and how such indicators might be misused, this book provides an ideal tome on the topic.
Categories: Science (General)
Year: 2018
Edition: 1
Publisher: Chandos Publishing
Language: english
Pages: 387
ISBN 13: 9780081024744
File: PDF, 6.18 MB
Download (pdf, 6.18 MB)
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