Main Contesting Peace in the Postwar City: Belfast, Mitrovica and Mostar

Contesting Peace in the Postwar City: Belfast, Mitrovica and Mostar

This interdisciplinary book explores why the postwar city reinforces rather than transcends its continuities of war in peace. It begins by theorising war-to-peace transitions as essentially contestations over what peace is and how to socio-politically order society and then proceeds to analyse different urban conflicts over peace(s) in postwar Belfast (Northern Ireland), Mitrovica (Kosovo) and Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina). Focusing on diverse themes such as segregated education, clientelism, fear, paramilitaries, and built environment, it shows how conflict lines from war – as well as its violence, repression, and disorder – are continuously perpetuated in and by the postwar city. Yet it also discovers glimpses of critical voices that try to bridge the antagonistic divides permeating the postwar city by utilising its transcending potential. This book is written in the nexus between peace research and urban studies, but will also appeal to scholars within political geography, international relations, political science, urban planning, governmentality studies, and anthropolo.
Year: 2020
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Language: english
Pages: 311
ISBN 13: 9783030280918
ISBN: 303028090X
Series: Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies
File: PDF, 7.36 MB
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