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The Curse of God: Why I Left Islam

This Book Explains & Proves Why Islam is a Man-made Religion, An Insanely Successful Aggressive & Violent Cult.

This book is a critical analysis of religion in general and Islam in particular. It covers some common misconceptions about Islam that both Muslims and non-Muslims have.
The book starts with a little introduction of the author—how and why he became an ex-Muslim—and it is followed up with the importance of writing the book. The first chapter covers the importance of critical sense over common sense and how we should always invoke critical thinking when it comes to looking at the world around us. The book also covers some arguments for God and some counterarguments against God’s existence. It discusses the importance of God in keeping the morality of the society and the mental well-being of the human species. It also discusses the baggage that comes with religion, leaving our only lives here on planet earth devoid of pleasure and enjoyment. Moreover, it discusses the scientific flaws in the Quran and argues how it looks like a book written by a seventh century Arab warlord rather than the creator of the billions of galaxies. It discusses the critical and sensitive topic of the character of Allah (Muslim God) and Muhammad in light of the Quran, Hadith (collection of Muhammad’s quotes), and the biography of Muhammad. It gives a detailed account of Muhammad’s wives and violence in his life. In the last part of the book, the author discusses the rise of Islamism in the western world and its dangers. Finally, it educates its readers on how to debate with a religious apologist and some common arguments and techniques employed by them. It is a very interesting read into Islam from an ex-Muslim’s point of view and the best guide to learning Islam.

Table of contents: -

Foreword for the Curse of God by Ali A. Rizvi

1. The Art of Thinking
* Change of Mind

2. The Necessity of Religion
* Depression

3. The Baggage of Religion

4. The God Hypothesis
* The Character of God
* Angry
* Hatred for Women
* Vengeful
* Genocidal
* Simply Evil
* Some Other Problems with God

5. The Character of Muhammad
* Violent
* Womanising
* Woman No. 1
* Woman No. 2
* Woman No. 3
* Woman No. 4
* Woman No. 5
* Woman No. 6
* Woman No. 7
* Woman No. 8
* Woman No. 9
* Woman No. 10
* Woman No. 11
* Woman No. 12
* Woman No. 13
* Woman No. 14
* Woman No. 15
* Woman No. 16
* Woman No. 17
* Woman No. 18
* Woman No. 19
* Woman No. 20
* Woman No. 21
* Woman No. 22
* Woman No. 23
* Woman No. 24
* Tyrannical
* Cult Leader
* Death of Muhammad

7. Morality

8. The Quran
* Is the Quran the Word of God?
* Scientific Inaccuracies of the Scripture
* The Big Bang
* Embryology
* First Way
* Second Way
* Salt and Fresh Water Fallacy
* Body of the Pharaoh (Ramses II)
* Knowledge of the Mountains
* Darkness in the Sea
* The Quran and the Cerebrum
* Rain and Hail
* Flat Earth
* Geocentric Model
* Sun and Moon Being Similar
* Moon Splitting
* Flying Horse
* Jonah and His Whale
* The Sky as a Physical Object
* Thoughts Come from the Heart
* Purity of Milk
* The Purpose of Animals
* Authenticity
* Incorrect Verses
* Lost Verses
* Modification of the Quran
* Violence
* Meccan Verses
* Medinan Verses

9. Islamophobia

10. How to Debate with a Muslim Apologist
* 1. Claims Absent of Reason
* 2. Claims with Some Reason
* UME Technique
* 3. Unfalsifiable Claims
* GOL technique
* Circular Logic
* Personal Beliefs Are Sacred
* Common Excuses

Final Word
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