Main Coffee Hacker-A Guide to Making Better Coffee at Home

Coffee Hacker-A Guide to Making Better Coffee at Home

Do you want to learn how to make better coffee at home? Over the past few decades, the quality of our coffee has declined as we search for quicker ways to get our morning cup of Joe. In this book, you'll discover that making quality coffee at home isn't complicated and a few simple hacks can greatly improve the taste of your coffee. In this book, I will teach you what to look for when buying coffee, the best way to flavor your coffee, and which kinds of coffee and brewing methods have the most caffeine. I'll explain how to grind your coffee beans and how to keep your grinder clean using a common household item. The hacks in this book will help you make the best cup of coffee possible.

Here are the chapters included in this book:
Chapter 1: What Does Fresh Coffee Really Mean?
Chapter 2: Flavored Coffee and Quality
Chapter 3: Arabica vs. Robusta Coffee Beans
Chapter 4: The Coffee Roasting Process
Chapter 5: Which Roast Has the Most Caffeine?
Chapter 6: Which Brew Method Has the Most Caffeine?
Chapter 7: How Often Should You Buy Coffee?
Chapter 8: How You Grind Your Coffee Matters
Chapter 9: Time Your Grind
Chapter 10: Why Use Cold Water for Brewing Coffee?
Chapter 11: Why French Press Makes Better Coffee
Chapter 12: Leverage the Pause and Serve Feature
Chapter 13: Preheat Your Mug for Better Tasting Coffee
Chapter 14: Rinse Your Filter to Remove Paper Taste
Chapter 15: Cold Brewing at Home
Chapter 16: How to Clean Your Coffee Grinder
Chapter 17: How to Descale Your Coffeemaker
Chapter 18: How to Store Roasted Coffee
Chapter 19: Ideas for Recycling Spent Coffee Grounds
Chapter 20: Putting it All Together

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