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Love Me, Crazy

School teacher Audrey … is a young, innocent romantic looking for Mr Right. A chance encounter with the charmingly charismatic Tom AND the handsome and brooding Jack on the same day suddenly leaves her seemingly spoilt for choice. 

But then a single kiss turns a pleasing quandary into a troubling dilemma. As her feelings for the two men begin to grow, it becomes clear that one of them is not quite what they appear and love quickly turns to obsession. Can she see the truth before it is too late? 

This exciting romantic thriller will take you on a rollercoaster ride full of twists and turns, but will Audrey find the one, or will love be the death of her? 

REVIEW: "The book is an easy to read chick lit. It’s very enjoyable, and by halfway through I was addicted. There are some twists and turns, so isn’t a straight romance, but would come under sweet or cosy romance subgenre. I’d recommend it for women of all ages from 18-80+, because no matter where you are in your life, you will either empathise with the protagonist at the age you are, or you will look back on dating, funny experiences and remember your first kiss." - Musings of a Middle-Aged Mum.
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