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XplorzinePicture by@graveyard_queen__


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Back cover-@graveyard_queen__
Kim Zier
BlackGhost photography
Jeremiah Gilbert
Luc De Cock


Hi all! I’m Kim of Kim Zier
Photography. I was born,
raised and presently reside in
New Jersey. I am a self-taught
stoyteller who has been playing with pictures for 11 years
now. I am a Canon girl who
uses a 5D Mark III and 70D. I
process my images with Photoshop, Nik Software and Photomatix Pro 5 for HDR. Photography is an all consuming is my drug addiction. It’s a calling....I don’t really have a’s my happy
place. As I don’t limit myself
to one genre of photography, I love exploring anything
abandoned...houses, hospitals,
schools, churches and so on.
The history or story and what’s
left behind is fasicinating. The
beautiful decay and seeing
how nature reclaims. Every
place I explore is like walking
into another’s such an
emotional rush.

I love to travel and hope to see as much of this beautiful world as possible before I die. I enjoy
photographing nature, seeing the sun rise and set is magical. And of course my love affair with
NYC...I never tire of photographing this incredible city and all that it has to offer. I also enjoy
photographing people whether they are candid or staged. My model portraits often carry a dark
theme and I enjoy doing masked self-portaits.
Photography and urban exploring has taken me out of my comfort zone, given me amazing adventures with great friends...and enriched my life b; eyond imagined.

“When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear”
~Alfred Eisenstaedt
I hope you enjoy my images.
If you like what you see here check me out on
Instagram~ kimzier11
For Professional Services and Art Store

I’ve always had a fascination with scary things ever
since a child. Maybe because I was born on Halloween? I think more so the rush and thrill of being
scared. Watching a suspenseful movie and being on
the edge of my seat. Or telling someone a scary story and seeing the fright in their eyes. Taking a stroll
through a cemetery at night, and hearing a stick
break in the distance. Peering into the darkness,
wondering who or what is there.
It wasn’t until last March, not even a whole year ago, that I discovered my new passion for photography and exploring. I do a lot of driving in my spare time, and I hated it. But suddenly I just opened
my eyes, and started noticing things. I noticed old abandoned houses that I’ve passed many times
before. I’ll never forget the rush I got when I went into my first abandoned house. I whipped out my
iPhone and started taking pictures. It felt like I stepped into another dimension. And that’s almost
what these old discarded places are... Time capsules. Stepping into old decaying homes where a
family once lived and loved. Or perhaps some sort of tragedy had taken place. The adrenaline that
flows not knowing what you are going to find when you walk up them old dark stairs. The thoughts
and memories echoing off the walls from the people who had once lived there. By taking pictures of
these places I can’t help but feel that I’m preserving these memories, as I know one day these structures will be torn down or degraded to nothing.
I do prefer exploring rural places. Something about these old abandoned homes feels magical. There
is such a beauty to them even amongst the decay. I get varying vibes from these places. Some have
awe and beauty, some no feeling at all, and some I feel like I’m not the only one there. Almost a
feeling of dread. As if something very bad happened there, and something still lingers. These are my
And as if some of these places aren’t creepy enough, of course I like to add my own touch of creep
to them. When I go on an exploring trip I’ll fill my car full of props. I’ll bring my stash of creepy
dolls and masks. Maybe I’ll edit my pictures just a tad bit darker. I want my photographs to emit the
feelings of suspense, excitement and fear that I felt while exploring them. Make you look really hard
into the shadows... Is there something lurking in there?

Instagram - @rumhamrevenge

I began my journey in photography in 2012 when I purchased a Nikon L820 point and shoot camera which I grew
quickly out of within 2 years. At this point is when I knew I had a passion for photography. After research I chose the
D3300 after hearing the acclamations and it being awarded the 2015 amateur photographer camera of the year. Since
then my eye has sharpened through self taught trial and error, YouTube, and surrounding myself with great photographers such as James Ortiz, Andrew Saenz, and Eric Janssen. I learned a lot from them quickly and developed my
own perspective and composition of a frame. I grew a love for rooftops and the art of steel wool and long exposure
are my favorite type of photographs. I hope you enjoy viewing my growth as a photographer.

Instagram: JustenTyme626_images

Masked Character: Ben Awakened

BlackGhost photography

An explorer from a little pit village in the UK.
Urban Exploration is my passion,it’s a way of release
from work and a chance to catch up with friends. If
there is an opportunity to explore a location, I will
be there.
I’m always looking for new locations to photograph,
currently my passion has moved towards discovering rural locations focusing on the forgotten farmhouses and cottages that are still left standing. These
hidden secrets contain some amazing features and
my aim is to capture these in just one shot.
IG - blazinhawkz
Flickr - Blazin Hawk
Facebook - BlackGhost Photography
Twitter @BlazinHawkz

IG: @jasonused
City: San Bernardino , CA
How long Have you been shooting: I started shooting in Mid January 2016 So
pretty much a year now.
What do you shoot and why do you shoot : I just shoot abandoned places and rooftops . Portraits on rare occasions. I shoot because It’s what kept things off my mind and helped me out
through out this year.
Camera Gear: Believe it or not I shoot with just a nikon D5300 and just the regular kit lens and
rarely my 35mm / 1.8 (For portraits) . I shoot strictly manual and manual focus due to my
camera mirrors being broken. My fisheye shots are from my HERO4. I’m currently invested in traveling more than just getting a better camera.

IG: @jasonused



s ed

IG: @jasonused

My name is Ian, but everyone calls me Chamo.
I am located somewhere in the Inland Empire. I
love to take pictures in dilapidated areas whenever I have the time to do so. I got into abandoned
areas when I went to my first one in 2014. My
first bando was about 15 min from my house and
I fell in love with them ever since. Bandos are my
favorite places to be in since they’re so quiet and
lonely. I love the rawness of an abandoned place
as soon as you step into one. For now I shoot with
a Canon 6D and I always use my Canon 20mm
2.8. I hope one day to upgrade the sensor on my
camera, for I really don’t care what type of camera
I have. For bandos, all I really want to upgrade
to is a 14mm Mark ii or a Canon 16-35 Mark iii.
I don’t have any inspirations nor do i look up to
anyone that shoots bandos and the reason behind
this is because I would like to stay within my
own creative lane. I don’t want people to think
I’m copying anyone, so I stray away from doing
things that everyone else is doing. I’m self taught
and I always strive to be better as an artist.


I am a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer for the state of California but I currently work as a Trade Embalmer. What
that means is I am essentially an independent contractor. When a funeral home
needs a body prepared, they call me and I
come out and do the preparations for a flat
fee.My mother always used to take me to
the cemetery with her as a child but I think
becoming a Mortician caused me to embrace my cemetery love.

Before DEATHstination, I originally just wanted to create a large scrapbook
of all the graves I’ve visited.Over time I began sharing what I was learning
here on Instagram and noticed that it was generating a positive response.So
I just kept at it.It’s honestly a blur to me now.I wasn’t expecting any of this.
There are several different ways I seek out the gravesites I visit.Sometimes
I’ll be watching a true crime special on TV and think “huh... I wonder where
they are buried?” and from there I begin internet searches.
I also network with other
Tapophiles and working in
the funeral industry doesn’t
hurt either.I explore cemeteries because, for one, they
are beautiful places. Living
in Los Angeles it can be
hard to find quiet places and
cemeteries provide those
quiet areas.I also find these
peoples’ stories fascinating.

You never know who is buried below your feet and I try to help to expose
those stories.Were they inventors? Were they murderers? Were they homicide
victims? Did they act in movies? Did they do something weird or die in an
unusual way?Those are the questions I want to answer.When I collect a handful of people with interesting background stories, I set out to the cemetery
where they are all buried and spend a day finding and photographing their
graves. From there I write individual bios for each grave and share one a day
on Instagram until it is time for me to go back into the field to collect more.

It is very time consuming and anyone that has ventured out with me can attest to that fact.It is the reason I pulled back a bit recently from Instagram.
Every week I was getting requests to guest host podcasts, be interviewed for
articles about DEATHstination, and I even was contacted by some television
producers. Juggling all that with finding the graves, writing the bios, and trying to maintain my life outside of my pseudo-internet fame became a bit too
much. I plan on coming back to it eventually but for now I’m reconnecting
with other areas of my life.I’m still a living human and luckily majority of my
followers recognise that and don’t hold my lack of posts against me.




12 miles south east of
downtown L.A. lies my
hometown of Downey, Ca.
It’s there in that city where
I developed my interest
in skateboarding, graffiti,
DJing, making beats, and
photography. My interest
for photography has always
been there, but it was kept
in the back burner of my
list of interests. I’ve dabbled with photography as a
teen and into my 20’s. I’ve
got to understand the fundamentals of photography
back in high school, in the
Fall of 2001. I was shooting
with film and developing
in the dark room. Some of
the assignments allowed
students to use the camera
for the weekend. So I would
take the camera home and
hop on the Green Line,
transfer to the Blue Line
and walk around downtown shooting flicks. Once
school ended, I’d buy the
Kodak disposable cameras and I’d take flicks of all
the graff in the alleys of

Melrose at that time. Or I’d
go with my uncle and his
car club and take photos
while they cruise Whittier
and Crenshaw. A couple
of years later, in 2005, my
mom bought me a Nikon
point & shoot. I continued
taking pics of graff, L.A.,
cars, and artists performing
at hip hop shows. In 2008, I
bought another Nikon. This
camera was the Coolpix
point & shoot. I could have
got a DSLR sooner, but
during that time, my focus
was making beats, collecting records, and getting
my name up in the streets
as a graff writer. I did not
start taking the craft serious until recently. In 2015
to be exact. It was that year,
that a friend of mine let me
borrow her Nikon D3000
for most of 2015. She had
wanted me to shoot her engagement photos. Allowing
me to borrow her Nikon
D3000 gave me an opportunity how to learn how to
shoot with a DSLR. Using

the 3000, I started linking
up with other dudes in the
scene and started learning
techniques. I’d hit up photo
meets here and there. At
first, it was cool to me since
it was new. But now I’m
burnt out on the meets. I
guess the monotony of the
Instameets was just getting
to me. I just didn’t feel the
motivation at the meets.
The streets are what inspire
me to shoot. In November
of 2015, I was able to get
a Nikon D3300. Finally, a
DSLR to call my own. Since
then, I’ve been shooting
with that camera and it
really opened the doors for
me to grow and expand in
photography. The streets
can expect more from me
in the future. I don’t plan to
stop. Remember, evolving
in your craft is key. And I
plan to continue evolving.




instagram @Thvtkidg
im from the Inland Empire, Sb to be exact born and raised
ive been shooting for more then a year now, started taking it more seriously
lately once I linked up with some of my friends in the IE
We just go shoot, thats the only way I think your gonna learn through trial and error
we are all different in styles and cameras and i think that really pushed me
ive been shooting with a REBEL T3I but just upgraded to full frame
I like to shoot portraits of models but lately ive been exploring and shooting Bandos
im trying to show IE has some heavy hitters with talent and style
thank you for checking out my work and give me a follow to see my adventures


World travels by Jeremiah Gilbert
Glendalough, Ireland

Glendalough, Ireland
Glendalough (“Valley of the Two
Lakes”) is a monastic settlement
in an impressive natural setting an
hour south of Dublin. The monastery was founded by St. Kevin, a
hermit monk who died around 618
AD. The extensive ruins of Glendalough include several early churches,
a graceful round tower, and various
sites associated with the life of St.

Jeremiah Gilbert

Jeremiah Gilbert

About Jeremiah Gilbert
Jeremiah Gilbert is a college professor,
freelance photographer, and avid traveler.
His travels have taken him to over sixty
countries spread across five continents.
His photography has been internationally
published in both digital and print publications. His blog, photo portfolio, and travel
tales can be found at www.jeremiahgilbert.
Hi I’m Cheech. I am 27 years old, an immigrant from Ukraine and currently living in Germany.
I started shooting less than 2 years ago and I still shoot with my first camera, a Nikon d300s.
My inspirations come from different backgrounds, from childhood cartoons, movies as well as music being a big part of what goes on in my mask making and photography.Benjamin von Wong and
Joe McNelly are the photographers who I look up to because it is about the passion in the things you
create and the journey that goes with it.I shoot Nikon, most of the time with the 50mm 1,8.
Flashes are my best friend, I like to have control of my light in any situation.
You can find the most of my work on Instagram, if you want to check it out find me and
I will be launching a Patreon page in the near future, so stay tuned for that announcement.
Also, if you are interested in purchasing a custom mask or just simply have a chat, Instagram is the
best place to find me.


I am 21 years old and i am from Connecticut, USA. I have been exploring since October of 2016. I
am currently using a Nikon L340 Coolpix to take my photos. You can find my photos on instagram
@skull.thief. I love to explore because it's different hobby from most people. Not many people are
willing to go through dirt and grime but that's what makes it fun. Discovering new places has always been my passion. I always respect the places and I do not vandalize or give away locations to
keep the place safe and protected. I am very adventurous and that's why I feel like this hobby is the
best choice for me. When i explore alone, I feel a sense of utopia. For me, Urban Exploration is my
way of getting away from everything and all the craziness of the world. I can just forget the world
and focus on me. Urban Exploration is me. "Take nothing but photos, Leave nothing but footprints"

“Luc De Cock”
Belgian photographer

Everything started about 5 years ago, when I found a lens in my late father-in-law’s bag,
the Nikkor 35-135mm f/3,5-5,6. It was a pity that this lens just sat there, so we went to a
specialised photo shop to buy a compatible camera. We got a lot of information an finally
came home with a Nikon D90.
I started to make some pictures in a ghost town in our neighbourhood, called Doel,
and after a while, I made friends with some guys that were Urbex photographers. I
got fascinated by the decay and the smell of the past, and soon I joined them on
their trips.
The D300S followed soon after the D90, and now I even have the D800 with light
sensitive objectives and the rest of the gear needed for Urbex photography.
I learned to process my photos, just watching youtube about HDR, Lightroom and
My journey started in Belgium and soon it expanded to the Netherlands, France and
Germany. We also went to the Czech Republic, Hungary and of course Italy.
Italy I’ve visited more than 6 times, purely for urbex photography.
Since my wife also became a photographer, we decided to start our own company as
our 2nd job. We both are all round photographers and are not scared to try new
things… We constantly learn from each other and give comments on each other’s
We are active in the EU and photograph models, sports, weddings, products, children,
you name it…
Photography became a way of living… a passion.

“Luc De Cock”

“Luc De Cock”

“Luc De Cock”

Photograph everything..the good, bad,
beauty, ugly. I started photography as
a way to escape the anxiety that was in
my mind. I believe you can have many
influences to make your feelings show
through your photos. I’ve been photographing for about 6 or 7 months. In
that time I’ve photographed graveyards,
streets, nature, abandoned.. I look forward to capturing more adventures and
bettering myself.
- Stella




When I first started off in photography my main focus was to
photograph abandoned places,
and not having a car in those
years I would ride my bike from
location to location with my
point and shoot and bike, id
ride all over and when locations
began to seem out of reach I began to search out other places to
shoot.This was around the time
I found my 2nd photographic
love,Cemeteries. There were
quite a few cemeteries near me
all old and historic,wandering
them gave me that sense of want
I was after,you know the itch to
be scratched.Fast forward a few
years and I bought a dslr and a
few more years pass and I have
a few different cameras and
now travel all over southen california as photography is now
my business and passion.

Has time progressed ive found I
love all photography from walking
the streets of Los Angeles and trying to capture the life and structures of the city and the faces of the
people who live there to cemeteries
with there angels and stones with
portraits sharing words describing
the person who lays before you.
Abandoned places for the emptyness and forgotten space that was
left behind wondering what happen there.....
Photography has given me a new
sight, a way of looking at everything a new,seeing colors and light
unlike others,as im sure most photographers do.Ive come to enjoy
mask and try to incorporate them
into every aspect of my shots being
at a graveyard to an abandoned
place I just like the look of mask
they can change the feel of a photo
and atmosphere.

In the last two years or so ive found more enjoyment in photographing cemeteries,wandering graveyards to find
angels or stones that are old or are in disrepair, theres a calmness and beauty ive found in cemeteries with history all
around and many images to be captured.

Honestly I can shoot cemeteries
anytime,sometimes I will feel like
going out to shoot an abandoned
place or some roadside stop or
take a trip to the city, but no
matter what I always find happiness when shooting at a cemetery.Some may think it morbid
but honestly cemeteries are for
the people and not just for the
dead.If you look close enough
you begin to see not just a sea of
stones but indiviuals .Grave symbolism,relious art and personalization.This is why I venture to
cemeteries,also for the
calmness, peace, history and



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