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Cover image:Martin Kimberley Golden-eye photography
Credits/BackCover image:
Martin Kimberley Golden-eye photography
The Drain Bandit
Dan Beecroft
Flickr Batram
Kev Ash
World travel with Jeremiah Gilbert
Josh Stephens
RickyBphoto-Gh3tto Bla5ter
Cathy Weaver photography
Kimmy Krisis
Interview with Fancy Eddie By Anna
Urban exploring california bunkers
Desert Christ
Little Urban Mermaid
Lost places/urbexing Sachsen
Jeane Trend-Hill - Silent Cities Cemetery Photography.

Martin Kimberley of Golden-eye photography

I’m Martin Kimberley going under the name of Goldeneye photography , 48yrs old a builder by trade and a keen amateur
photographer for last 3 yrs…. Guess you would say my style is a mixture of surreal masked characters I’ve created and various
urban backgrounds. I’m an avid collector of “masks” and props to use in my photography ,with an ever growing and bursting
prop wardrobe and constant nagging by the wife!!!. I’ve tried various forms of photography in the short time I’ve been with a
dslr in my hands. I still bizarrely get asked to shoot many weddings a personal favorite of mine to do is album covers for bands
and Djs having already about 4 gone into full print and a few more in the pipeline in next few months. My photography moved
to its more surreal dark stage it is at now purely due to my boredom of the same old images we see every day on social media….
firstly starting with a bit of urban exploring then moving onto gasmasks…. Leading to me then finding masks with character
to them … not just scary for scarys sake hence then came along my most popular , “Chester” my clown masked character a
masked sourced from “Tom Devlin” a mask designer from USA after id seen his work on the “face off ” TV series.

I try now to source masks with character to them…. I do all my own modelling for my shots via a tripod & remote control and
on occasion drag the wife along to dress up as a character…. reluctantly !!!!......
I’ve had fea; ture pages in “Bizarre Magazine” and local newspaper features…. im always on the look out for new backdrops and
masks …. For my mind is full of interesting scenarios…
It’s always better to walk the darker side of the street of life I’ve found…..
The more interesting people walk that side!!!
look for “Golden-eye photography on FLICKR and Martin Kimberley on facebook”.


Martin Kimberley of Golden-eye photography


I live in the inner west of Sydney and explore
everywhere I can. I work as a tradesman and that
takes me all over Sydney and I am constantly on
the look out for places to hack, especially drains. I
have an obsession now with the drainage and topography of the land. I am in my late 30’s and am
married with two gorgeous boys so needless to say,
time is fleeting, but I find the time to go places at
least 3 or 4 times a week to either explore for the
first time or revisit but most of all to photograph.
I use a go-pro hero 4 and my iPhone 6 for all of
my pics and except for the odd occasion always
explore and shoot alone. I love the solitude. I have
always (since a kid) explored drains and loved the
excitement and fear and the satisfaction I get out
of being in these places. I can’t really explain it.


I’m not really a photographer just a welder guy who
goofs around...
IMMORTALSON can be found on instagram-make sure
to follow.

Dan Beecroft
I was born in London in 1973 and I am now based in Essex and been interested in photography
for about 6 years. I’m self taught in photography and photo post-processing software
techniques. I enjoy exploring the endless possibilities offered by modern
digital media to create unique pieces of art which reflects my vision of
the world around me. I have a diverse interest in photography
including: Modern Still Life, Urban exploring
(Abandoned Buildings) and Street Art where I
work closely with the artist to document
their works. I specialise mainly in
Landscape, Long Exposure, and
High Dynamic Range (HDR)
I love working alone or in small
groups, and in most of my work
I’m the model and the
photographer.My images
are award winning and
many have been published
in national newspapers,
magazines and books.
My work has been
displayed in exhibitions
and continues to hang in
galleries. I have been
awarded an Award for
Photographic Merit at
Credit level from the
Photographic Alliance
of Great Britain.

Dan Beecroft CPAGB

Dan Beecroft

Dan Beecroft

Flickr Batram

My name is Flickr Batram and I live in Thuringia/
Germany,Ive had a love for photography since I was a
child,in2008 I started hdr photography.Lost places to me are
the best for HDR photography.The more I meet other urbex
photographers the more I enjoy this hobby.Sometimes I
explore alone tho I tend to go with friends because this is
much more fun and safer.

GEAR:I use a Nikon D800 w 16/35mm and 50mm,
Nikon D300 with sigma 10/20 and sigma 18/50
You can find Flickr Batrams work on



Newcastle upon tyne, uk

World travel with Jeremiah Gilbert
Leon Viejo, Nicaragua

Leon Viejo, Nicaragua
The Ruins of León Viejo are located near the town of Puerto Momotombo, opposite the volcano of

the same name, at the western end of Lake Managua. Founded in 1524, the city was partially destroyed by the Momotombo volcanic eruption of 1578, leaving the earthquake of 1610 to strike the
final blow by destroying what remained standing. The decision was then taken to move the city to
the present day location of Leon, about 30 miles to the west. As León Viejo did not develop, the ruins are a testimony to the economic and social structures of the Spanish Empire in the 16th century.
The site preserves the original layout of the first cities founded by the Spaniards in the New World
before the Laws of the Indies, which regulated social, political and economic life in these areas. It
also demonstrates experiments carried out on materials to find those that would be used in future
colonial buildings erected in the Americas.

About Jeremiah Gilbert:
Jeremiah Gilbert is a college professor, photographer, and avid traveler. So far he has been to over

fifty countries spread across five continents. Through his work with models, both in studio and on
location, he has been internationally published in both digital and print publications. His blog, photo portfolio, and travel tales can be found at

Jeremiah Gilbert

Josh Stephens, Long beach ,California

Urbex to me is a history class you take yourself on as you roam
through forgotten buildings and ruins. Your finding the beauty
in decay and grime.

Modeling in abandoned places
Model:Gh3tto Bla5ter

cathy weaver
My vision with the Mill
Series is to capture raw
emotions that are expressed in relationships,
the emotions underneath, the nitty gritty.


Modeling in abandoned


Contact:Kimmy Krisis/facebook


May 2015 Interview with Fancy Eddie By Anna
Anna: How old are you?
Fancy Eddie: I will be 29 in June 2015
Anna: Where are you from?
Fancy Eddie: Los Angeles was my birthplace but I have lived in
Fontana CA for most of my life.

Anna: What is your process behind creating a painting/artwork?
Fancy Eddie: One of my recent projects was the album art for my band
Digital Dungeons debut album. My best friend Omar and I have been in the
band AxRxM for 10 years, we have a following of a good number of thrash/
powerviolence kids out there which is awesome. But, realizing that some
might describe Digital Dungeon as, guys from axrxm we are doing something
different and there’s a push to do things we love to do, the best we could.
Being the artist in the band the pressure was on to make an album cover I
love, represents us and will remain classic. To symbolize the band itself I used
a German tank, I love war propaganda, that and the font/logo was my focal
point. I chose the title flowers for me as the title it being one of the songs I
wrote and sing on the album, and following that I used the rose on there,
used some mummy hands as a nod to that old horror punk aesthetic that still
goes with the war stuff. To balance it out and keep my work from being too
strong and serious I tend to use bright feminine colors, I kept messing around
until I landed on red and green, which compliment each other, (my parents
living room is that ugly green so I tried it out) and with it going in that direction of the Mexican flag I broke it up with that stripe to ground the tank as
well. There isnt anything that I would do to it, I really hope someone sees it,
likes us and puts that into print.

Anna:How do you find inspiration?
Fancy Eddie: I find inspiration in others, when I see people I care about
Anna: Who are you influenced by?
doing their thing with no hesitation it reminds me that I shouldn’t doubt
Fancy Eddie: There’s a small struggle on the inside, I am influenced by certain
myself so much, my voice is valid after doing this for so long.
nostalgic things like The Simpsons, horror movies,anarchist peace punk,
horror movie covers etc. but there’s a dislike for how
Anna: What is your favorite aspect of art?
typical it may seem for me to do, that pushes me to be open to different apFancy Eddie:The process of finding a solution, a discovery. Finding the perproaches even if that means simplicity.
fect combination of images,color, placement, size and so on to put together
something kick ass and having that a­ha moment is my favorite. Of course the
Anna:Have you studied art? where? for how long?
cleanest, simplest stuff is often overlooked but I still look at things like the
Fancy Eddie: I graduated from the Art Institute in San Bernardino CA, 4
coca cola logo and think, wow... cursive looking that precise.
years there got me a BA in graphic design.Before that I took a few classes
at Riverside Community College, but I kept dropping out, I was no good at
Anna: Who inspired you to be an artist?
making friends or scheduling myself so I kept ditching. When I went to AI
Fancy Eddie: For myself, I think the definition of being an artist is once you
the campus was new, I made friends, the teachers were actually in the indusexpose your effort to a public. It was probably kids in school and teachers that
try, it was awesome.
said I drew well for projects in middle school and high school. When I got
into punk rock it was sort of a hobby and necessity, then I started
Anna:. How long have you been involved with art?
actually painting and using software. Also, I admire how creative people can
be and I want toparticipate in that.
Fancy Eddie:I have been drawing all my life but when I got into punk rock
around the age of 15/16 that’s when I started picking up the DIY ethic and
Anna: What do you put in your art that represents you?
started to sew my own clothes, make my own patches, I learned how to use
Fancy Eddie:I love drawing by hand, line art with a bold black pen. Im a suckthe xerox machine to make flyers I illustrated and
er for good font, black and white photos and half tones.
so on.
Anna: What first drawn you into art?
Fancy Eddie: My older brothers both had Jim Phillips skate decks, something
about all those colors with the drips, popping eyes, skulls, the hand with the
screaming mouth, it was all so attractive to me, and one of them loved to
draw cars so I would try to doodle on my own... that was art influencing me
from the start.

Anna: Do you try to make a statement with your art?
Fancy Eddie:I have my own views and morals but believe that people are free
to decide their own, so I don’t really do anything politically correct or offensive on purpose, its mostly to satisfy a perverse impulse and my ocd.
Anna: What are you currently listening to?
Fancy Eddie: Right now im listening to the Jellyroll Rockheads discography,
some old school shit.

Anna: What inspires you?
Fancy Eddie: German war propaganda, the first few seasons of The Simpsons,
Anna: Favorite movies while growing up?
deserts, decaying housing, animal fur, patterns, Mexican meat market advertisements, I guess all those things that are the coexistence of opposites, soft
Fancy Eddie:American Me, Reservoir Dogs, Silence of the Lambs, Goodfellas,
and hard, sweet and sour, cold temperature with warm colors.They kind of
Scarface, Ghost World
prove that its ok to be quiet and expressive at the right time. I mumble, slurr
and get red in the face speaking in public but sang in axrxm for 10 years.
Anna: Did movies have an influence in your artwork?
Fancy Eddie: The production of a lot of movies do influence me in how you
Anna: What made you choose that medium?
could take something and make it very cool and stylized, but with balance...
Fancy Eddie: Well, I definitely have a style, point of view and approach to how
too much is blah, I cant watch 300 more than the few times I did.
I like to create things. Usually I am able to do my style in different mediums.
Sometimes I like doing logos for bands, flyers, t shirt designs, anything for
Anna: What can we expect from you in your future?
print and I also like simply sitting down and painting with acrylic on canvas.
Fancy Eddie:Digital Dungeon is definitely my live art that lends itself to
For sure punk rock aesthetics are my favorite, heavy contrast, minimal color,
merch so a lot of prints, album art and I am part of a starting skate company
bold font. That’s my shit.
SAVAJ skateboarding. Anything punk rock and skateboarding.

Urban exploring california
Location:World war 2 bunkers located near an active base and a place of community,home to artist and those
lucky enough to get into the location when welds have been removed.....I wasnt so lucky tho very cool for the
art this wouldn’t be a California abandonment with out some color.
(Images By U.E.C./

Desert Christ

Images by:UEC/

Located in Yucca Valley,California in the Mojave Desert is
Desert Christ park once a religious park now abandoned
and decaying.Statues missing hands and faces bearing rod
iron,seem abit on the scary side.Weathered and worn the
statues are there for those willing to look passed the outside
appearances and see the beauty in decay.


Explorer from Long Island NY Little.urban mermaid,
I first went to Kings Park when I was around 16 years old and I
recently went back six months ago. For the first five months I used my iPhone 5c and 6plus to
take pictures, but now I own a cannon camera. The thing that Interested me the most at first was
all the graffiti, and I loved to take pictures of it. As time went on I started to like taking pictures
of hallways and objects better, now I find myself driving long distances to explore new abandon
places. I don’t wear much gear, even though I probably should.. all I ever bring is my pink jansport. So this is really the start of all my photography, I hope to improve with my picture skills
and explore places all over the world.Find Little.urban_mermaid on instagram

Lost places/urbexing Sachsen

From Saxonia, Germany
- 20 Years old
- primary I photograph ruins/ abandoned factorys, houses and lost places
- Ive been photographing abandoned locations for about 2 years but i was
always interested in ruins as a kid, its been a fascination of mine.

Jeane Trend-Hill

Jeane Trend-Hill - Silent Cities Cemetery Photography.
Occupation: Photographer, author, actress.
Born : Islington London.
Resides: Essex, UK
Tools of the trade: Leica camera and eyes.
My love of cemeteries began as a child when I visited family member’s graves with my parents. Whilst the adults
chatted and arranged flowers, I would wander off and look at all the angels, doves and crosses. I was struck by their
beauty and as I got older I began photographing them purely for my own enjoyment. I have since gone on to set up
the Silent Cities Project, produced a series of cemetery photography books and studied grave symbolism and Mortuary Science. I am now also involved with monument restoration and preservation to help future generations enjoy
an important part of our history and heritage one of my current restoration project is the grave of a Victorian architect, Arthur Beresford Pite, who is buried in West Norwood cemetery London. As ‘Ink Loving Memory’ I advise on
memorial tattoos and tattoo design and supply photos for artwork. I mainly photograph cemeteries in London and
the surrounding areas, but also travel to Europe and have visited San Michelle (the cemetery island) Venice, Zentralfriedhof Vienna Austria, Poublenou Barcelona Spain and Pere Lachaise in Paris among others. I love over the top
monuments and mortsafes/cages/catacombs or anything unusual.
Find more of Jeane Trend-Hill at/Facebook page - Headstone Hunter:


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