Main Fundamentals of Game Design, Third Edition

Fundamentals of Game Design, Third Edition

Now in its third edition, the classic book on game design has been completely revised to include the latest developments in the game industry. Readers will learn all the fundamentals of concept development, gameplay design, core mechanics, user interfaces, storytelling, and balancing. They'll be introduced to designing for mobile devices and touch screens, as well as for the Kinect and motion-capture gameplay. They'll learn how indie developers are pushing the envelope and how new business models such as free-to-play are influencing design. In an easy-to-follow approach, Adams offers a first-hand look into the process of designing a game, from initial concept to final tuning. This in-depth resource also comes with engaging end-of-chapter exercises, design worksheets, and case studies.
Year: 2014
Edition: 3th
Publisher: New Riders
Language: english
Pages: 560
ISBN 10: 0321929675
ISBN 13: 9780321929679
Series: Game Design and Development Series
File: EPUB, 18.02 MB
Download (epub, 18.02 MB)
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