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The Best of the Best of Business Card Design

A business card is more than a piece of paper with your name on it. It's your calling card; a snapshot of your brand identity, a constant reminder in your client's Rolodexes. Perhaps that's why Rockport's Best of Business Card Design Series is so eagerly anticipated year after year. Now, Rockport brings together the very best examples of innovative, stand-out designs from three of its annual volumes.In The Best of the Best of Business Card Design, readers will find hundreds of unique and memorable designs for every type of client, and in a broad range of colors, styles, and shapes. Filled with inspiration for designers and their clients around the world, this creative resource shows how any individual or business can make a tiny space speak volumes about who they are, and what they do.
Year: 2005
Publisher: Rockport Publishers
Language: english
Pages: 356
ISBN 10: 1592531849
ISBN 13: 9781592531844
Series: Graphic Design
File: PDF, 78.75 MB
Download (pdf, 78.75 MB)

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