Main Big Ideas for Curious Minds - An Introduction to Philosophy

Big Ideas for Curious Minds - An Introduction to Philosophy

Big Ideas for Curious Minds - An Introduction to Philosophy for Curious Young Minds

Suggested for curious minds aged 9+.

Children are, in many ways, born philosophers. Without prompting, they ask some of the largest questions : about time, mortality, happiness and the meaning of it all.

Yet sadly, too often, this inborn curiosity is not developed and, as they grow up, the questions fall away.

Big Ideas for Curious Minds is designed to harness children’s spontaneous philosophical instinct and to develop it through introductions to some of the most vibrant and essential philosophical ideas from history. The book takes us to meet leading figures of philosophy from around the world and from all eras – and shows us how their ideas continue to matter.

The book is filled with exercises and beautiful illustrations to bring the ideas of great thinkers vibrantly to life.

Thinkers Included:
    Hypatia of Alexandria
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    Adam Smith
    Mary Wollestonecraft
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Friedrich Nietzsche
    Simone de Beauvoir
    Albert Camus
    And many more...

Illustrations by Anna Doherty
Kindle Edition
The School of Life Press
MOBI , 5.06 MB
Download (mobi, 5.06 MB)

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Nice book. Nice website.
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