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How To Last Longer In Bed During Sex: How To Have An Amazing Sex Life Without The Fear Of Premature Ejaculation

How To Last Longer In Bed: How To Have An Amazing Sex Life Without The Fear Of Premature Ejaculation

Are you tired of finishing way too soon? Are you tired of not having the sex life you have always dreamt about? Than worry no more. This book is for you!

Sex is not just surviving barely in bed. What good is sex if all you think of is not ejaculating too soon? Sex is the epitome of pleasure and satisfaction. But, satisfaction and pleasure turns into an amalgam of embarrassment and disappointment if you can’t satisfy your women long enough. The worst thing is that you can’t even discuss this with anyone- even the closest of your friends. If that’s with you too then, my friend, you’ve just came to the perfect place! Let your secret rest with us and let us turn your sex life around once and for all!

In this book you will learn different techniques to last longer in bed ranging from diet to exercise to breathing and everything in between. This book will be your ultimate guide to lasting longer in bed as a men. After reading this book you will never have to worry about finishing too soon and you can finally enjoy the sex like you always wanted to.
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How To Last Longer In Bed?

How To Have An Amazing Sex Life Without The Fear Of Ejaculating Too Soon.

Table of Contents

Introduction. 3

Section-1: Sex-Ed 101

Chapter 1- Understanding T levels!. 5

Section-2: The Guide To Be A MAN!

Chapter 2- The MAN Diet! 6

Chapter 3- Supplements to BOOST Things Up!.. 11

Chapter 4- Pump it Up!. 1 3

Chapter 5- Sleep More 15

Chapter 6- Things to Avoid 16

Chapter 7- Tips, Tricks & Breathing 18

Conclusion 2 1


I want to thank you and congratulate you for downloading the book, “How to Last Longer in Bed? How to have an Amazing Sex Life without the fear of Ejaculating too Soon?”

“ Remember, sex is like a Chinese dinner. It ain't over 'til you both get your cookie” - Alec Baldwin

Sex is not just surviving barely in bed. What good is sex if all you think of is not ejaculating too soon? Sex is the epitome of pleasure and satisfaction. But, satisfaction and pleasure turns into an amalgam of embarrassment and disappointment if you can’t satisfy your women long enough. The worst thing is that you can’t even discuss this with anyone- even the closest of your friends. If that’s with you too then, my friend, you’ve just came to the perfect place! Let your secret rest with us and let us turn your sex life around once and for all!

Before we can move any further, we want to clarify what this book is NOT. This book is NOT a sales letter to advertise a “magic pill” that promises to change things within few days of use. Neither is this a compilation of good for nothing tactics that only give temporary gains. What this book really is a holistic approach for addressing the issue right at its root. Once you’ve reached the end of this book, trust me, you’ll be happy that you came across something this good. The tips mentioned in this book give you lasting results!

We start off by discussing the role of Testosterone (T) in your sex life and how low T levels can leave you deprived of sexual satisfaction. We then move by giving you a “90 day challenge; ” that will sky rocket your T levels and sex life too! We’ll also give you some quick tips and tricks on how you can get immediate results.

So, say NO the life of shame and mediocracy and be a Juggernaut in bed! Just flip the page and say Hello to your new beginning to a better and improved sex life!

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Section-1: Sex-Ed 101

Chapter 1- Understanding T Levels!

Testosterone is the sex hormone in males. Think of it as the “Man Hormone” because this is what distingushes a man from a woman. It gives you a manly body and governs your sex life too. Most of the testosterone in body is produced in your testicles and a small amount in adrenals as well. If you’ve enough testosterone in your body, you’ll enjoy all aspects of your sex life without having to compromise on anything.

Have you ever felt that life is too hard on you? May be you have got a big project from your boss and can’t concentrate on it. You feel that you are physically and mentally at your limits. You don’t eat well, don’t exercise and haven’t slept in a while. Most importantly, your sex life is stagnant than ever before. You miss the vigor in your relation and things are not just the way they were before. Now you might be thinking that it is just the pressure of work, but have you ever wondered if there is something more to it? Have you ever got your testosterone levels checked? Believe it or not, low testosterone (T) levels are the biggest reason for low sex drive, premature ejaculation and related issues.

All the frequently advertised “sex pills” basically work by boosting your T levels- most of these pills are actually a huge scam and don’t give you a shred of results they promise and not to mention the drastic adverse effects that you might have to face! What alternative do you’ve then? The simple answer to your question is to “Go Natural”! This is what we’re here for. In the subsequent sections, we’ll guide you through, in a step wise fashion, how you can boost your T levels and get lasting results NATURALLY. Not to mention, how you can again become the Alpha in bed!

Section-2: The Guide To Be A MAN!

Chapter 2- The MAN Diet!

So, here is the deal! We’ve already mentioned in detail how important testosterone is for you if you want to stay longer in bed. But a million dollar question here is, “How to boost testosterone levels?” This is what we’re here for. We start with a 90 day challenge! Mark my word, by the time you end this challenge, you’ll be the man you’ve always wanted to be and you’ll last longer in bed while enjoying yourself more. That’s a guarantee!

Taking the first step is always difficult. If you want to change your life then start with this experiment NOW and by NOW we mean from this very day. If the best time is not now there isn’t any better time to start with the experiment.

If you doubt things mentioned here then get your T levels checked before and after the experiment and see the results for yourself! Your T levels will at least DOUBLE within few days, but don’t stop and keep on going to maximize your T output.

So, here are the details of the tested 90 day experiment you need to follow to have a better life in bed!

Diet for the Right! What you eat has the greatest impact on your body. For instance, zinc and magnesium are the two most important minerals needed by your body glands. Also, cholesterol is needed by the leydig cells of the testes to make testosterone. The biggest foe of your T levels is its counterpart i.e. the female sex hormone or estrogen. How good your sex life is depends on the intricate balance between these hormones. If the feminine hormone takes control, your sex life gets ruined. You can naturally boost your T levels by eating leafy greens vegetables like cabbage, broccoli and spinach. These foods lower the estrogen levels in the body, which automatically increases the T levels.

You also need to add some cholesterol and fat to your diet. Have you ever wondered why body builders drink raw eggs? Research has proven that high testosterone levels is associated with high fat and cholesterol diet. On the other hand, low fat consumption is associated with low testosterone levels. So, to increase your testosterone levels, you need to consume a high fat and cholesterol diet- including bacons and eggs in diet is a good choice.

Now you might be wondering, why anyone would add cholesterol to diet as it is bad for health and leading cause of heart attack? But you should remember that it isn’t as simple as this. Latest studies are showing that there is more to cholesterol than what is the common belief. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t fear it much. In fact, you need cholesterol for proper body functions as well, like formation of hormones like testosterone. If you’re totally eliminating cholesterol from your diet, you’re depriving yourself of the testosterone synthesizing substance.

Here is the breakdown of T boosting diet.

For Breakfast – Eat Eggs and Bacons

Start your day with “Ron Swanson Special”. This dish includes three eggs and three slices of bacons. It contains all the essential fats and cholesterol, which elevate the T levels. Plus it is also quite delicious. If you have any problem with beacon because of its nitrate content, you can buy nitrate-free bacon. If you’re totally not into bacon, you go for red meat too.

To avoid monotony, try breakfast burrito on Saturday. You should skip breakfast on Sundays, as it is quite unnecessary. This break gives an additional boost to your T levels- as intermittent fasting is one of the quickest ways to boost T levels.

For Lunch – Try The Man Salad

You should eat something called ‘The Man Salad’ on weekdays. You can also, sometimes, eat this lunch on Saturdays. I call it The Man Salad because it is the perfect blend of T boosting ingredients. The ingredients of the dish are:

Spinach Salad Mix – This should be the main part of your salad. You can get it from Organic Girls Green or any other company of your choice. Zinc and magnesium are present in the leafy green vegetables, like spinach. These minerals have been found to increase testosterone levels in the body.

Nuts – Use a handful of Brazil nuts or walnuts. Nuts increase the T levels by providing the leydig cells with cholesterol. In addition, high selenium content of Brazil nuts raises testosterone levels. However, don’t use too much walnuts as their excess won’t do you good.

Meat – You can use any meat for the salad, but beef should be your first preference. Beef contains all the proteins and cholesterol needed to build muscles. More muscles lead to elevated testosterone levels- Here is the reason why. Less muscle means more fat. When your body has more fat, it starts to convert all the testosterone into estrogen by a process called “aromatization”- You should use chuck steak for meat topping. For meat topping, you can also cook some ribs. You should add as much fats in the meat as possible to boost your testosterone levels.

Broccoli – Broccoli can also be added in the salad. High levels of indoles are present in it. It is a food compound that increases T levels in the body by reducing estrogen content.

Olives/Avocados – They serve as a good source of boosting testosterone- both olives and avocados contain all the essential fats needed for T synthesis.

Olive Oil– Add olive oil in ‘The Man Salad’. There is no need of adding too much olive oil; just sprinkle it as a topping. Studies have shown that, through olive oil, cholesterol is absorbed better by the leydig cells. You should know by now that when more cholesterol will be absorbed, the T levels will rise.

Balsamic Vinegar – Balsamic vinegar can be added for tasting purposes.

You will be surprised to know that when you buy all the ingredients and calculate the cost per salad, it will be no more than $5. You can’t get a better deal than this. Most people spend more than $5 on meals. If you still want a cheaper lunch, you can buy the ingredients from Walmart.

You should stick to this plan for all the 90 days of your experiment. Don’t miss out or delay anything. Seeing the results after 90 days, there are good chances that you might want to continue this diet.

For Snacks

Eat foods like broccoli, pumpkin and nuts for snacks during day time; these are all testosterone healthy foods. If you like, you can also eat dark chocolate.

For Dinner – Eat What You Like

For dinner, eat whatever you like, but in moderation. You can dine with your family at night time and eat what they are eating. Don’t take too much stress about the carbohydrate intake. As soon as you feel that you have eaten to your full, stop eating.

If you notice, you will observe that this diet isn’t that much extraordinary. All you have to do is increase your cholesterol and fat intake. You don’t have to follow any paleo diet. In fact, some recent studies have shown that the levels of testosterone are decreased following a low carbohydrate and high protein diet. So, you also need to uplift your carb intake and get most carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables.

Although you need to be very regular with your diet during the 90 days experiment, you can give yourself a break on weekends. You can enjoy every dish out of the ordinary on weekends, like sandwich or pizza. Just remember to get back on track after the weekend.

By now you might be thinking that why isn’t there any alcohol in the menu? The reason is that a research has shown that alcohol leads to a drop in testosterone levels. As mentioned above, you can eat or drink whatever you want during the weekends. Remember that it isn’t necessary to follow the meal plan, exactly as it is because that is too much to ask. Just concentrate one eating high fat diet.

After you are done with the 90 days experiment, you might be curious about your cholesterol levels. So, you should get a lipid screening test, four months after beginning the experiment. Your results will more or less, match these results:

Your total cholesterol levels will be 200-210 mg/dL. This is slightly more than the normal range but there is no need to panic.

Your HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) will be 75-80 mg/dL. This is within the normal range.

Your bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) will be 110-120 mg/dL. This is also within the normal range.

Your triglyceride levels will be 60-70 mg/dL. This is also normal.

Although your total cholesterol levels will be a bit high, but research has shown that cholesterol level isn’t the only determining factor in the risk of heart disease.

P.S: If you’re already suffering from a serious health condition like uncontrolled blood pressure, heart condition or diabetes then it is best to consult your doctor before starting with any diet or supplement program

Chapter 3- Supplements to BOOST Things Up!

Now comes the interesting part, the supplements. Many people have a misconception that after taking a few supplements, their testosterone levels will suddenly increase. Remember that relying on supplements only is nothing but foolishness. If you aren’t eating a proper diet, sleeping well and exercising, no supplements can increase your testosterone levels. However, you need to add supplements in the 90 days experiments. Some supplements have been mentioned below:

Vitamin D3 – Contrary to the popular belief, vitamin D3 is actually a hormone with many health benefits. The main source of vitamin D3 is the sun- Sun exposure triggers D vitamin synthesis in body- However, due to living indoor lives, many people don’t get enough of this vitamin. Also, most people use different creams to block the sun heat, due to which vitamin D3 is not synthesizes in their bodies. Testosterone levels in the body are badly affected when vitamin D3 is deficient. You can take vitamin D3 tablets to increase vitamin D3 in your body. Take about 4000 IU of vitamin D3 during morning or night time.

Creatine + Whey protein shake – As a pre workout shake, you can consume creatine shake and whey protein. To make the shake, mix creatine and whey protein in coconut milk. This will help in building the muscles and more muscle means more testosterone.

Omega-3 Fish Oil – Research has shown that by consuming fish oil, your SHGB (Sex Hormone Building Globulin; a protein that binds to testosterone and lower its level) lower, which is responsible for increasing T levels. Fish oil also increases the amount of ‘good’ fats in the body, so that you have a healthy heart.

Caffeine – Caffeine can also be taken as a supplement, however, consume it in moderation. If caffeine is consumed in large quantities, it can lower testosterone levels. Sleep is also sometimes, affected by excessive consumption of caffeine, which reduces T levels. When consumed in moderate quantity, caffeine can elevate the testosterone levels. For consuming caffeine, you can take caffeinated gums, before exercise. Each of these gums has about 100 mg of caffeine, which is equal to that present in coffee.

Vitamin C – There is a buzz all over the internet that vitamin C increases the testosterone levels in the body. Research also supports it. A research showed that the testosterone levels in the body are increased when vitamin C was administered to diabetic mice. However, this research is inconclusive. So it’s your choice to take vitamin C or leave it

Chapter 4-Pump it Up!

Better Fertility, good health, healthy libido, and good sexual functioning are just some of the benefits of healthy testosterone levels. Due to healthy testosterone levels, muscles are also developed and weight is lost. Your energy levels also increase due to healthy testosterone levels, and you feel like never before.

If you’re looking to stay longer in bed and want to be the man of the bed then you can’t overlook the importance of exercise. Here is how exercise can help you. Exercise is quite beneficial for the body. The testosterone levels are elevated by some exercises, which will be mentioned a bit later. Also, the body fat suffers a loss due to exercise. Due to the fat tissues, the testosterone in the body is converted into estrogen. So, the bottom line is that the testosterone level of your body raises if you have less body fat.

Weight Lifting

Lifting weights is the key to increasing testosterone levels. You should use free weights for lifting; don’t use weight machines. Research also supports that weight lifting is the way to go for better sex life and higher T levels. Here are some things to consider.

Compound Lifting – The main exercises which help in increasing testosterone are bench press, deadlift and squats. The reason is quite simple, these exercises target the larger muscle groups and research has proved that the testosterone levels increase the most by exercising heavy muscle groups.

Targeting High Volume – The formula for determining the volume during exercise is multiplying the number of sets and the number of reps. Different studies have proved that when the workout volume is higher, the testosterone production is higher as well.

Not Pushing Yourself To The Limits – At times, it is ok to push yourself beyond limits and keep on repeating the reps until you can do no more. However, you shouldn’t do it every time. Give yourself a break.

Resting between 1 and 2 minutes – Between each set, you need to wait for more than 1 minute but less than 2 minutes, especially when doing strong lifts like 5/3/1 and 5x5. In your 90 day experiment, you should do strong sets. You will be surprised at the results of 5/3/1.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT Training)

According to recent studies, high intensity training is the BEST in increasing testosterone levels. Some of you might not be familiar with the concept of HIIT, so let me explain. In HIIT, a person does intense exercise, followed by exercise of low intensity. During HIIT, a person keeps on shifting from low to high intensity exercises. The fat metabolism and athletic performance are improved due to HIIT. However, its main benefit is the increases the testosterone levels.

The internet is filled with different HIIT workouts. However, the workout you should do during your 90 day experiment is mentioned below:

Go to a park on any day, preferably on Tuesdays, and run at your top speed for 40 yards. After that, walk slowly for the next 40 yards and after that, start sprinting again. In a workout, include 20-30 sets of 40 yards.

No Overtraining

Some people think that it’s beneficial to keep on training until they are completely worn out. They think that they should train harder every day. If this is your motto, then you definitely need to change it because it affects your testosterone levels badly. Overtraining has shown to decrease the testosterone levels. There is no denying the importance of working hard, but you need to control your pace and give yourself a break so that the body gets enough time to rest and heal.

During any two days during a week, don’t do any strenuous exercise. If you are in the habit of doing intense workouts, then you should give yourself more break and often. On weekends, don’t do any intense training. Instead of going to the gym, go for a walk.

During workdays, keep yourself active. After every 30 minutes, take a walk. If you are a habitual sitter, you need to change this habit. You should stand more often. Use a standing desk during work.

Chapter 5- Sleep More

One of the major reasons for low testosterone levels in men is that they don’t get enough sleep. The fact of the matter, most of the testosterone is made during sleep. Sometimes we awake with ‘Morning wood’ (morning erection). This is because the testosterone levels are increased during sleep. You might have low testosterone levels if you don’t have morning wood, every now and then.

The sleep quality also affects the testosterone production. The body is unable to make testosterone if it doesn’t get quality sleep. To find the effect of sleep quality on testosterone production, a research was done in the Chicago University. The research proved that when young people sleep more, they have higher testosterone and vice versa. According to the research, in absence of quality sleep, the testosterone production drops about 10-15%.

Other than boosting the testosterone levels, sleep also maintains the cortisol levels. When this hormone is present in high amounts in the body, it effects it badly.

You might have noticed that at times you don’t get enough sleep. You might have slept no more than 4 hours on some days. This lowers your testosterone levels. During your 90 day experiment, you have to be very strict on your sleep and sleep for at least 8-9 hours. There are times when you waste your time without any reason. You need to utilize that time sleeping.

To improve your sleep quality, you need to take some serious steps. In the evening, you need to turn off all the blue lights in your room. Also, don’t drink too much caffeine during the evenings as it will make you active and you don’t want that. Also, take a hot shower every day before bed. Some other details on improving the quality of sleep will be discussed later. There is no need to get so tensed up. You will enjoy every minute of it

Chapter 6- Things to Avoid

There are different chemicals in everyday use that are harmful for health. These chemicals create many weight problems and disabilities with learning; these are generally known as ‘endocrine disruptors’. Although all the endocrine disruptors are bad for health, one type is especially bad for health.

Xenoestrogen is a chemical especially dangerous for testosterone because it elevates the estrogen production in the body. You can call this chemical a copy of estrogens. When their level in the body becomes high, the testosterone levels are affected badly. You might not realize it, but this chemical is present at most things around you like cow milk, gasoline, shampoo and plastics. Almost every substance contains some xenoestrogen content in it. According to some endocrinologists, the main reason why the people before us had higher testosterone levels is due to the fact that xenoestrogens were absent in the past days. This is also one of the reasons why more and more babies are being born with hypospadias (a birth defect in which urethra doesn’t open on the tip of penis; instead it opens on the inner side of penis). So, it’s best to stay away from this chemical, if you or any of your family member is expecting a baby.

Don’t Use Heated Food in Plastics

This is very important because most plastics contain phthalates (chemicals which give flexibility and durability to the plastic). The problem with these chemicals is that, just like xenoestrogens, they are also like a copy of estrogen and thus, elevate the estrogen levels in the body. So to get rid of plastics, you need to find an alternative like storing food in glassware. Also avoid heating food in plastics because, as heat increases, the phthalates from the plastic will be transferred into the food.

Avoid gasoline and pesticides in Your Surroundings

According to some people, the smell of gas is manly. However, it isn’t true because it contains xenoestrogen in it. In pesticides, too, this chemical is present. Therefore, you need to avoid these substances. If you have no other option other than living your life around them, wash your hands.

Eating Organic Foods

Estrogen levels are elevated by the hormones and pesticides present in our food. So you should take care to eat organic. You should wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly, if eating organic isn’t possible. Also when taking milk, make sure it is from a cow which hasn’t been injected hormones.

Natural Grooming Products

A type of xenoestrogen, parabens, is present in most grooming products. Almost 70% of grooming products contain parabens in them. So during your 90 days experiment, you don’t want all your work to go to waste by some grooming product. So it’s best to paraben free grooming products. At different health stores, paraben free grooming products are available, like:

Tom’s of Maine Toothpaste

Jason Shampoo

Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap

Crystal Rock Deodorant (Although this deodorant is beneficial, it might make you smell bad at times).

Don’t Use BPA – This chemical is present in thermal printer paper and food cans. Some research has indicated that this chemical leads to a reduction of testosterone levels. So reduce BPA in your life as much as you ca

Chapter 7- Tips, Tricks & Breathing

Have Sex Often

Most people think that having more sex decreases the testosterone levels in the body. But you might be surprised that testosterone levels are increased the MOST by sex. The simple formula is that the more sex you have, the higher testosterone levels you have.

Have Cold Baths

During your 90 day experiment, take at least 15 minutes of cold bath. It is preferable if you take them after your workouts. There are many reasons of having a cold bath. First and foremost, it increases your testosterone levels. Plus it will also improve your recovery after a hard workout.

If you still don’t believe that cold baths increase the testosterone levels in the body, you should read online articles about the benefits of cold showers. What you will find out is that cold baths definitely increase the testosterone levels in the body. According to a research done in 1993, testosterone levels are boosted by cold showers. However, there are also researches that oppose this view. But the main thing you should know is that if it doesn’t help in increasing the testosterone levels, it definitely helps in speeding the recovery process and building muscles.

Controlling Stress

Cortisol is secreted by the adrenal glands so that a person can survive the stressful situations. Cortisol is fine when taken in small doses. However, when it is taken in large quantity, it can pose a serious threat to your physical and mental health. The testosterone levels in the body are affected by the cortisol levels. Higher cortisol levels lead to lower testosterone levels. Some research has also indicated that lower cortisol levels are associated with higher testosterone levels.

You might have low testosterone levels before the 90 day experiment. To improve your testosterone levels, you need to know that the cortisol and testosterone levels are related to each other. To keep your stress under control, you should take the following steps:

For at least 20 minutes every day, you should meditate.

Try a walk every now and then when you feel stressed.

You also need to do deep breathing exercises.

When you face stress, try your best to keep yourself under control.

Changing Positions From Time To Time

In order to last longer in bed, you need to keep on changing your position from time to time. However don’t change the positions too quickly as it will mess things up. Remain in a certain position for some time and then change the position. Changing position is necessary in order to stop yourself from premature ejaculation. You can also calm yourself after one position.

Relaxing the Body

Relaxing the body is essential to last longer in bed. If you notice that different parts of your body like thighs, abdomen and bum are stressed, try to relax them. But it isn’t that easy. Keep on telling your mind to be in a relaxed state. You can also change a position if you feel your muscles are tensed.

Relaxing Your Mind

To last longer in bed, you can also try relaxing your mind. There are two ways to relax your mind. Firstly, you can bring positive feelings in yourself during sex. It is a difficult thing to do but it is manageable. You can also relax your general state. If you face difficulty calming yourself while performing different activities, you can try out different meditation techniques to relax. Doing meditation and yoga on daily basis is quite helpful. This will automatically help in your sex life.

Using The Start Stop Technique

Using the start stop technique is also beneficial for lasting longer in bed. There is no science in this technique. During sex, when you are about to ejaculate, ask your partner to stop. Start after you are sure that you are relaxed. Using different numbers to show your sexual stimulation can be quite helpful, like 1 for no arousal and 10 for most arousal.

Breathing Techniques

Throughout the time you sex, make sure that you breathe deeply and in a relaxed manner. You might ejaculate early if you aren’t breathing in a relaxed manner. To breathe deeply, first of all, make sure you are relaxed. Now for the next ten seconds, breathe deeply. Then hold your breath for one second and after that, breathe deeply for 8 seconds. During the time you have sex, repeat this pattern.


Thank you again for downloading this book!

I hope this book was able to help you find an effective way to last longer in bed. We couldn’t include all the information due to constrain of the book but all the information this book contains is authentic and sure to help.

The next step is to say NO to the life of embarrassment. So, make a pick; choose a method that suits you best and stick to the plan. Also, give things a little time to settle in!

Finally, if you enjoyed this book, then I’d like to ask you for a favor, would you be kind enough to leave a review for this book on Amazon? It’d be greatly appreciated!

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Thank you and good luck!

Preview Of ‘How To Become More Confident’

How to Become More Confident

How To Gain The Confidence You Always Wanted

A proven step-by-step guide


The first step you must take to achieve success is to believe in yourself. In order to truly believe in yourself you must possess supreme confidence in your talents and abilities. So in essence, to achieve the things you want to achieve or to become the person that you want to become you must be confident.

People who lack confidence often lead idle lives by letting good opportunities pass by. This is true in both the professional and personal environment. For example, an employee might miss out on career advancement due to his or her limited confidence. Or a single person may lack the inner confidence required to approach their ideal companion in public. This book can be considered the de facto guide for developing the habits you’ll need to approach any situation confidently.

Throughout this book you’ll come to realize that the topic of confidence is a deep subject with many ideas and philosophies yet, everything boils down to a few simple rules that can be picked up and applied almost immediately.

You’ll discover the exact habits practiced by those who are very confident. These easy to master habits are translatable across many avenues. For example, the skills you’d need to successfully close a deal with a client are the same skills you’d need to approach and connect with that girl or guy you like at the bar.

Fundamentally, if you feel like you want to achieve and do more with your life, confidence is key. Thanks for downloading this book, I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1 - Why should you be more confident?

When I hear this question I’m reminded of a fantastic story about an Olympic hero. During the 1936 Olympics held in Nazi Germany foreign athletes were greeted with propaganda depicting non-Aryan participants as inferior to the Germans. Imagine how crushing that must have been, Some of them were hundreds or even thousands of miles away from the comforts of home and were treated with hostility and made to feel sub-human. These vial tactics where used to boost the morale of the Germans while at the same time leaving non-Aryans unable to focus.

That was until Jesse Owens, an African-American from the state of Alabama was one of the lucky few chosen to represent the United States. When he first arrived to Germany he was bombarded with signs and pamphlets depicting him and other foreigners as second-class humans. Despite the treatment Jesse Owens decided to stay focused and remain confident in his abilities. After days and days of mistreatment it was Jesses turn to compete at his sport of track and field. It was here where Jesse famously went on to win every event he participated in going home with four gold medals and a new world record!

We can use this brief lesson in history to understand that your confidence matters. This is true in a lot of scenarios that may come up over the course of your life. Let’s face it while things are still far from perfect, chances are good that many of us will never have to deal with the emotional struggles faced by those athletes in Germany.

No matter the hurdles you face you must be confident in being able to do what you have made your mind up to do. In other words, you should commit to your task because you know you can achieve it. Confident people do things because they know they can. If someone who isn’t particularly confident gets an idea, they won’t act upon it. They would more than likely get bit by the “What if?” bug. This is what happens when only negative thoughts enter your head. Questions like “What if I mess up something?” or “What if I fail?” will never enter the head of someone who is truly confident because they know they are more than capable. Confidence can allow people to overcome virtually any fear. Why be scared when you already know you have what it takes to crush any obstacles that arise.

Another thing you will realize is that confident people achieve greater success only because they plan for greater success. This means that the main reason successful people achieve the success that unsuccessful people want is simply because they planned and confidently followed these plots.

Confidence matters because without it you will never be able to reach your full potential. You will have dreams but not goals. Another way to think about it is a goal is just a dream with a deadline. People who exert true confidence know this.

Now that you have a fundamental idea of why confidence matters we can go into more detail about precisely what it takes to be more confident. In fact this is what we will discuss for the remainder of this book. That is, how to be more confident in your everyday life and achieve the things you want.

Chapter 2 – How to be more confident

There are many websites, TV shows and podcast devoted to the topic of confidence. Each one seems to have its own agenda but where you are led is usually a dead-end. Our aim is to provide real, actionable methods and techniques that allow you to walk away from this book feeling more confident right away. Please don’t get me wrong, as with any worthwhile lifestyle change learning to be confident through all situations isn’t easy. If it were there would be no purpose for this book.

With that being said, my entire propose in writing this book is to make the process of becoming confident as easy as possible. Like all things developing the habits of confident people may come easier to some than others. The key is to explicitly practice the fundamentals of confidence every day until they becomes as routine as driving a car.

In order to provide you, the reader with the most accurate and up-to-date information we’ve studied the teachings and writings of the most prominent psychologist leading the field of confidence research. Because of this, the methods outlined in this book should be used and applied with full confidence. Look at the irony….

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