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Qt5 Python GUI Programming Cookbook: Building responsive and powerful cross-platform applications with PyQt

Over 60 recipes to help you design interactive, smart, and cross-platform GUI applications

Key Features
Get succinct QT solutions to pressing GUI programming problems in Python
Learn how to effectively implement reactive programming
Build customized applications that are robust and reliable

Book Description
PyQt is one of the best cross-platform interface toolkits currently available; it's stable, mature, and completely native. If you want control over all aspects of UI elements, PyQt is what you need. This book will guide you through every concept necessary to create fully functional GUI applications using PyQt, with only a few lines of code.
As you expand your GUI using more widgets, you will cover networks, databases, and graphical libraries that greatly enhance its functionality. Next, the book guides you in using Qt Designer to design user interfaces and implementing and testing dialogs, events, the clipboard, and drag and drop functionality to customize your GUI. You will learn a variety of topics, such as look and feel customization, GUI animation, graphics rendering, implementing Google Maps, and more. Lastly, the book takes you through how Qt5 can help you to create cross-platform apps that are compatible with Android and iOS. You will be able to develop functional and appealing software using PyQt through interesting and fun recipes that will expand your knowledge of GUIs

What you will learn
Use basic Qt components, such as a radio button, combo box, and sliders
Use QSpinBox and sliders to handle different signals generated on mouse clicks
Work with different Qt layouts to meet user interface requirements
Create custom widgets and set up customizations in your GUI
Perform asynchronous I/O operations and thread handling in the Python GUI
Employ network concepts, internet browsing, and Google Maps in UI
Use graphics rendering and implement animation in your GUI
Make your GUI application compatible with Android and iOS devices

Who this book is for
If you’re an intermediate Python programmer wishing to enhance your coding skills by writing powerful GUIs in Python using PyQT, this is the book for you.
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