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Categories: Literature\\Fiction
Year: 2015
Publisher: HarperCollins
Language: english
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A young boy in Andalusia, Spain, with a desire to be a traveller faces the traditional parental view of who their child could be. The ideas of the young boy's future are tested from his young age. He is faced with what could be termed as clash of dreams and parental guidance. In a moment of self belief, the young boy tells his father about his new path that he can't ignore any more; travelling the world.

The only way to be a traveller in Andalusia, is to a shepherd. The boys father funds that dream. The boy receives his inheritance earlier in his life. He uses it to establish himself as one of a kind in his chosen line.

Life in the course of the path the young boy has chosen offers vital punches of cruscible moments. It shapes, hardens and readies the young boy for his destiny. He is tested. A range of tests comes his way. Tough tests. Actually they are tribulations. One after another. From early bouts of love with the merchants daughter. Having to consult a median about his recurring dream. Having to ppromise a 10th of his treasure. Having to believe an old king. Having to abandone the traditional way of being a traveller; shepherd. Selling all his animals. Travelling go Egypt to look for treasure. Losing all the money on arrival in Africa(Morocco). Settling in Africa for close to a year. Departing for Egypt. Meeting an Englishman alchemist.

The journey to Egypt becomes a furnace of regretable catalogue of temptations and near I give up moments for many in such situations. Will the young boy soldier on? The tribulations ranges from having to chose to be an alchemist, almost prematurely settling for oasis life, having to believe in the supernatural guidance the alchemist, giving up all his savings to the chief of the warring tribes and physical assault in Egypt at the 'foot of the treasure' that could have ended his life. In that last moment of desperation, phyaical pain, fear and near death the treasure is reavealed. It is where it all started, in his homeland. It is hidden in the ruins where he sojurned as a shepherd.

The story captures vital elements of this young boy from early in his life. The outstanding character of his is his love for knowledge. From reading books which doubles as a pillow. Listening to strangers. Making friends and learning their way of life. Having to decide to follow what is realistic in his country land to what is miraculous.

Is there a connection between what the young boys parenta wanted him to do and be and his treasure? Is there a need to always chose your path regardless or how unappealling to those who 'care' about you and decide to guide you through comfort to who you'll be? Must one live the pain of tribulations to realise the beautiful end of one's destiny?

This story. The story of Alchemist, has in it a lesson. A lesson so familiar to many, yet so few follows it. This is the lesson. From dough you, one, you can get bread, cake etc.For dough to be bread or cake e.t.c. it must be baked, baked in a hot oven or whatever gadget with just but enough heat. And if in doubt, bake your dough on the sunshine and report the outcome.

Tradition is tested and discarded. Realism is tested and abandoned. Ambitions are tried. Dreams are lived and lived but painfully. Hope is relied on. Faith is invoked. All this and other guides of a human life are explored, detailed and re-explored and re-detailed here. Here in this book.
02 November 2019 (12:01) 
Oh Santiago, can't love you less!
I have downloaded this book in all possible formats... Enjoy reading
26 November 2019 (00:37) 
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