Main The Poetry of Du Fu / 杜甫诗

The Poetry of Du Fu / 杜甫诗

This six volume work is the first complete translation of the poetry of Du Fu, the greatest poet in the Chinese tradition. The entirety of Du Fu’s works provides a more nuanced portrait of the author than the standard selections. It gives testimony to the great rebellion of 755, but also poems on building a chicken coop and repairing bamboo plumbing. In the whole we discover how the sublime and quotidian are united in a larger vision of life.

Year: 2015
Edition: 1st
Publisher: De Gruyter
Language: english
Pages: 2962 / 2957
ISBN 10: 1614517126
ISBN 13: 9781614517122
Series: Library of Chinese Humanities
File: PDF, 8.50 MB
Download (pdf, 8.50 MB)

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