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Computer vision: A modern approach

This extraordinary book gives a uniquely modern view of computer vision. Offering a general survey of the whole computer vision enterprise along with sufficient detail for readers to be able to build useful applications, this book is invaluable in providing a strategic overview of computer vision. With extensive use of probabalistic methods—topics have been selected for their importance, both practically and theoretically—the book gives the most coherent possible synthesis of current views, emphasizing techniques that have been successful in building applications. Readers engaged in computer graphics, robotics, image processing, and imaging in general will find this text an informative reference.
Key features:
* Application Surveys—Numerous examples, including Image Based Rendering and Digital Libraries
* Boxed Algorithms—Key algorithms broken out and illustrated in pseudo code
* Self-Contained—No need for other references
* Extensive, Detailed Illustrations—Examples of inputs and outputs for current methods
* Programming Assignments—50 programming assignments and 150 exercises
Prentice Hall
792 / 793
ISBN 13:
PDF, 20.54 MB
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